Shutdown Applet 1.4

UUID: ShutdownApplet@shelley
Score: 34


Shutdown Applet will help you Shutdown, Suspend, Hibernate, Restart, Logout and Lock your screen with single click. (No confirmation messages on click). .Compatible with the latest version of Cinnamon.

Download the zip file, unzip it and copy the folder to .local -> share->cinnamon->applets folder...Add remove applets and add the applet. Restart Cinnamon desktop....

For newbies:

.local can be detected in your home foder by pressing Ctrl+H keys....

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  1. joe7 says:

    3 months ago

    Hibernate doesn't work. Made me waste a few hours troubleshooting it. Nice idea, poor execution.

  2. FLOW says:

    11 months ago

    would be nice to work with 1 click action. for example with right click to set the default action, let's say shutdown and so, if I press with left click - directly close linux, without another menu to pop out and another click to close it.

  3. masoko says:

    1 year ago

    Awesome! Thanx

  4. andersbrontosaurus says:

    1 year ago

    Great little applet! Finally no more clicking on three different places of the screen to poweroff. Is there a way to connect this with a keyboard shortcut or do I need to learn how to do macros? /Anders

  5. DeathMD says:

    2 years ago

    Fixed version can be downloaded here:

  6. kris says:

    2 years ago

    If you want to fix the lock screen in linux mint 15 olivia locate the applet.js in ~/home//.local/share/cinnamon/applets/ShutdownApplet@shelley for a working lock screen and hibernate mode change following parts in der applet.js: // Screen Lock"Screen Lock"), function(event) { //Util.spawnCommandLine("dbus-send --session --type=method_call --print-reply --dest=org.gnome.ScreenSaver /org/gnome/ScreenSaver org.gnome.ScreenSaver.Lock"); // old Screen Lock command Util.spawnCommandLine("gnome-screensaver-command -l"); // Screen Lock command }); //Hibernate"Hibernate"), function(event) { Util.spawnCommandLine("gnome-screensaver-command -l"); // Screen Lock command Util.spawnCommandLine("dbus-send --print-reply --system --dest=org.freedesktop.UPower /org/freedesktop/UPower org.freedesktop.UPower.Hibernate"); // Hibernate command });

  7. CaptainMark says:

    2 years ago

    The lock screen seems to be broken since Cinnamon 1.8, it just doesn't do anything when clicked

  8. darlof says:

    2 years ago

    Trying to use this with ubuntu 12.04 and cinnamon and the lock function is not working, although lock from the main menu is, as well as ctl alt l

  9. CaptainMark says:

    2 years ago

    I think this could be improved with a switch user function too, is such a thing possible, I modified the applet.js to include a line for switch user but it just uses the command gdmflexiserver, I don't know how this would behave with MDM because I dont use it

  10. domdog says:

    2 years ago

    Love this applet, thanks. It's the first one I set up. The one click feature is key for me. My menu hangs before appearing which makes getting to shutdown, or restart, a pain; that plus, less clicks to get on with it. Once again, I certainly appreciate your time and effort.

  11. dmo60 says:

    2 years ago

    Great applet! But as other users already stated, for distributions that don't use ConsoleKit any more like Fedora or Arch Linux, not all of the options are working. I'm using Arch and they even removed ConsoleKit from the repositories and strongly discourage to use it any more. So the correct solution is using systemd: it provides the commands "systemctl poweroff|suspend|hibernate|reboot". No need for ConsoleKit anymore.

  12. HisDudeness says:

    3 years ago

    I have a problem: if I click hibernate, it just suspends, but I can hibernate just fine with all other ways... do you have any idea what's not working?

  13. foehnix says:

    3 years ago

    thanks! both "hibernate" and "suspend" call the same command: dbus-send --print-reply --system --dest=org.freedesktop.UPower /org/freedesktop/UPower org.freedesktop.UPower.Hibernate i think, "suspend" should rather use the parameter "org.freedesktop.UPower.Suspend", shouldn't it? dbus-send --print-reply --system --dest=org.freedesktop.UPower /org/freedesktop/UPower org.freedesktop.UPower.Suspend

  14. gpantsis says:

    3 years ago

    Hi Shelley, In order to support l10n add the following statements after the section of constants: const Gettext = imports.gettext; const _ = Gettext.gettext; const UUID = 'ShutdownApplet@shelley'; Gettext.textdomain(UUID); Gettext.bindtextdomain(UUID, GLib.get_home_dir() +"/.local/share/locale");

  15. broadcastyourseb says:

    3 years ago

    This is a great job you've done but nothing is perfection on planet Earth ^^ I'm a french guy and the translation for the Screen Lock, Hibernate and Shutdown function doesn't work for me. It would be great if you add 2 other functions : - mdmflexiserver in order to change user without log out the current session - shutdown -t XX in order to shutdown after a timeout. Thanks.

  16. austintx says:

    3 years ago

    Shelley, great job! This will always have a place on my panel right next to the menu. Thanks.

  17. bcj1072 says:

    3 years ago

    I found the issue with Fedora. Turns out that the consolekit is removed from Fedora 17. yum install ConsoleKit ConsoleKit-x11 systemctl enable console-kit-daemon.service systemctl start console-kit-daemon.service Now the shutdown/restart buttons work like they should.

  18. bcj1072 says:

    3 years ago

    Nice applet, but unfortunately the shutdown and restart options do not work for me. I am using cinnamon on Fedora 17. I believe the issue is that by default fedora does not add users to the sudo list and give them permission to issue commands to terminate sessions without prompting for passwords.

  19. icarelikeasdf says:

    3 years ago

    Something like this should come stock with Cinnamon.

  20. ashley says:

    3 years ago

    Great job !!

  21. rias says:

    3 years ago

    Exactly what I was looking for..Thank you..

  22. sprintcowboy says:

    3 years ago

    Great extension Shelley I dislike the confirmation pop-up box. This extension fixes that for me. One request could you add a switch user to the list? Or can someone tell me how to add it? Thanks for the extension.

  23. Bill_MI says:

    3 years ago

    Thanks for exactly what I was looking for. All-In-One and no confirmation. :-)

  24. taylor says:

    3 years ago

    Very useful Applet.

  25. billynick says:

    3 years ago

    i just noticed now that 'logout' is just as laggy as with other applets. but not using it very often so dont really care :)

  26. Ricky says:

    3 years ago

    Fantastic Applet. Shutdowns and restarts pretty fast. Five stars fro m me :)

  27. sokoc1nnamon says:

    3 years ago

    Actually use this applet every day, I is very useful. You could add small icons in each item, to make it easier to identify visually. Anyway very nice applet!.

  28. bimsebasse says:

    3 years ago

    Added to Cinnamon Extras PPA:
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bimsebasse/cinnamonextras
    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install cinnamon-applet-shutdown

  29. Shelley says:

    3 years ago

    @bimsebasse Thank you for trying it and for understanding that it is much more than adding a "restart" to an existing applet :)

  30. bimsebasse says:

    3 years ago

    OK, bypassing the gtk popup does make this more than different than just adding restart, I also dislike confirmation dialogs probably as much as you so it's all good :o) Hope it's OK I add this to the Cinnamon Extras PPA next update.

  31. Shelley says:

    3 years ago

    @bownz Sure...will mail you buddy when I get time...Bit busy with an upcoming project.. @billynick Thank you for trying the applet and for your comments.... @mikefreeman I have taken your Criticism with a positive frame of mind...since I was 100% confident about the efficiency of my applet...No problem :)

  32. mikefreeman says:

    3 years ago

    @Shelley, thanks for the info, as I do not have a permanent, functioning Cinnamon running right now to test it on. I'm on Mint 10 until at least 13 LTS comes out, and my VirtualBox install of Mint 12/Cinnamon is incredibly unstable (crashes Cinnamon constantly, and logout freezes up my whole system, even outside of VB). I did not mean to start a controversy, though! Wow, such excitement! :)

  33. bownz says:

    3 years ago

    Well my intent right now is to make a popup menu appear when I click that, and design the popup menu to us the command shutdown now, or restart now. I will fix that issue in my applet. Promise ;p

  34. billynick says:

    3 years ago

    @bownz, the same lag happens if i use the logout/shutdown from the mint menu. it must be the code implemented into that dialog...not your applet i would think

  35. bownz says:

    3 years ago

    billynick, My computer does not do that. I shall look into the issue, and try to fix it in my applet, WITH the popups. Maybe not THAT pop up, I might make my own popup. Thank you.

  36. bownz says:

    3 years ago

    Shelley, would you mind emailing me sometime? I love hearing input from other Developers, because I am new to this sort of thing. If so hit me up at (I will not be able to reply for up to 8 hours)

  37. billynick says:

    3 years ago

    5 stars from me, i prefer it this way :) mostly cos the old way made logout/restart/shutdown take forever on my and some other peoples systems. see this thread . i dont mind the dialog popping up but, well i dont know, this shuts down my pc instantly, the other applet(s) means i have to wait more than 30 seconds before anything happens

  38. Shelley says:

    3 years ago

    @bownz We use it for our development systems...some of the usesr may find it useful, as we do...In open source software there is no competition....The users can choose and adapt the software according to their needs...Bownz..thank you for your comment, buddy...

  39. bownz says:

    3 years ago

    The one click shut down and restart buttons are not the best. They could easily be clicked by accident, thus causing the computer to restart during important tasks. I recommend deciding which is better for the set user. This is a nice applet, I admit, this is not competition, so please don't compare Shelley's applet to my own. This applet has it's different functions. "Great minds think alike"

  40. Shelley says:

    3 years ago

    Please note that the commands are different and more efficient....It is not the same applet as Quit Applet...Please read the code before commenting.....All of the commands provide one click operations and the applet is not simply "restart" added to another applet... I request you to try both the applets before commenting....

  41. sioux83 says:

    3 years ago

    is not the same applet bownz try it first

  42. bimsebasse says:

    3 years ago

    I think it would have been more practical to ask bownz to add "restart" rather than make the exact same applet with restart added.

  43. Shelley says:

    3 years ago

    @mikefreeman This Applet has slightly more functionality than Quit Applet...Does the quit Applet has Restart or Shutdown on single click...We have customized it for our systems and hoped to share it....:)

  44. mikefreeman says:

    3 years ago

    Nice, but isn't this basically a duplication of the functionality in the Quit Applet by bownz?