Windows 7 & Cinnamon, Menu 1.3.1

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This is a menu for the newbies (and others that want to use it :)


Windows 7 styled Favorites along with the default Menu's applications list

Full intergration with my other applet Window List



fixed shutdown button


Rebased applet on latest menu.

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I am a very very amateur developer.  Since getting into developing applets.  i have expanded my programing languages by 300% :)


Window list

Windows 7 & Cinnamon menu

Win7 menu


  1. la-gusanita says:

    3 months ago

    Needs to be updated for Cinnamon 2.0! Causes Cinnamon (v. 2.0.14) to crash and run in fallback mode repeatedly. Uninstalling the applet fixes it. If Cinnamon 1.3.1 was the last version that this applet was updated for, then it's horribly out of date!

  2. mintystark says:

    3 months ago

    Ok, I went ahead ad made my own version to work with 2.0 and made a few Updates and gave a few new options:

  3. lestcape says:

    3 months ago

    As replace:

  4. Brahim says:

    4 months ago

    yes it crashes on Cinnamon 2.0.8 on Linux Mint 16 Petra as well

  5. GeneC says:

    5 months ago

    Hi physics.. Nice applet, unfortunately it crashes Cinnamon 2.0.8, did work fine in 2.0.6. I will gladly use it again if it gets fixed for 2.0.8 (Manjaro 0.8.7) Thanks..

  6. superfly1031 says:

    5 months ago

    Oy! Your applet is caussing cinnamon to crash via Have a fun day :D :D :D

  7. mintystark says:

    5 months ago

    Hi physics, Love the menu. However, there have been some tweeks that I have been doing to it. Just curious what your policy is on Modifying your code and republishing it as my own. With Credits to you of course! This is also a question to everyone else.

  8. Enkouyami says:

    8 months ago

    The logout button doesn't work. I'm using Linux Mint 15.

  9. lestcape says:

    9 months ago

    Hi. (Si lo quieren arreglado avisen) - Everything is translated by cinnamon directly into your language, used for all languages. - The screen saver now works well. - When not selecting an option displays the icon /home/user/.face, ie the icon for your user account. - The shutdown options icon now also show itself. If you want the applet write e-mail to me. email:

  10. Khaos64 says:

    10 months ago

    Hey - thanks - is there anyway to change the Folders on the Right (Home / Pictures / Music / Videos / Documents) I would like to replace Documents with Downloads and also remove the Help shortcut.

  11. alek889 says:

    10 months ago

    Nice dude!!!!! I was looking for some menu applet that let me resize the menu icons(bigger)...Finally,this is the one..For sure,must have!!

  12. granul says:

    10 months ago

    Very nice applet, I translate some part of the menu in french and change the link of control center so it work with mint 15 Thank you

  13. mweper says:

    11 months ago

    Tengo un problema con la pantalla de bloqueo (Lock Screen). No puedo bloquear la pantalla a través del botón del menú. En vez de "lock", quiero poner "Util.spawnCommandLine('cinnamon-screensaver-command --lock')"; ¿Cómo hago?

  14. mweper says:

    11 months ago

    Muy bueno el Applet. Estuve revisando tu código, para adaptarlo a mi idioma (Español) y lo subo por aquí. No entiendo mucho de Javascript, quisiera saber en que parte del código se puede ponerle un Height más grande, para que entre todas las palabras. === (English) Google Translator Very good the applet. I was reviewing your code to adapt it to my language (Spanish) and upload it here. Do not know much about Javascript, I would like to know where in the code can put a bigger Height, to enter all the words.

  15. bluedxca93 says:

    11 months ago

    Works nearly perfect: 2 Bug's: 1) search box when categories are selected. 2) Categories and file names are sometimes cut

  16. Uszaty says:

    1 year ago

    Good work! But Cinnamon has a new file manager - Nemo. I've replaced your 'nautilus' code with 'xdg-open' and it works! For home dir - ''xdg-open ." For documents - "xdg-open Documents" etc.... With this code your menu will be file-manager-independent.

  17. kevlogan90 says:

    1 year ago

    Great menu, but I don't have the Preferences or Administration options like on the default menu. Is there a way to get those on this menu? Maybe I'm just dumb and don't know because your picture shows that you have them on there.

  18. originalseed says:

    1 year ago

    Excelent menu, should be default for cinnamon :) My suggestion would be to add ability for Favorites to have multiple columns... or at least 2.

  19. veikk0 says:

    1 year ago

    Great menu. The only improvement that comes into my mind is making the menu scale on demand so that the entries in "All programs" and its submenus are visible.

  20. adrian27 says:

    1 year ago

    Well, it does work like a charm, but it misses some menu items... I cannot find some applications in the menu, such as Ubuntu Software Center. Yes, I'm using Ubuntu 12.04.1.

  21. Cumeja says:

    1 year ago

    Works like a charm!!!!!. Thanks for the good work

  22. physics says:

    1 year ago

    yeah sorry about that i'll get that fixed soon as possible.

  23. ominousG says:

    1 year ago

    Thanks for updating this great applet. I've been miserable without it since it stopped functioning with a Cinnamon update. Everything is working great, except the "Shutdown" button no longer works.

  24. th3pr0ph3t says:

    1 year ago

    I like this one. But after searching while typing the menu sticks in the menu instead of the favorites view. It should always start in the favorites list, like Windows 7. I can still use it 'blindly' (keyboard only) and it works as expected.

  25. jbfps116 says:

    1 year ago

    Loved it, until now I use nemo instead of nautilus. The links to home, docs, etc, don't work and say "execution of nautilus videos failed."

  26. mcutting says:

    1 year ago

    Hmm - seems to be reliant on Nautilus... Solution: Modify all instances of "nautilus" in boxes.js so that they are changed to read "nemo" Save file Restart Cinnamon Works fine

  27. mcutting says:

    1 year ago

    I really like this - works great on my system - 5 stars from me !

  28. nodebug says:

    1 year ago

    I agree with twodogs, I'd like it to reset to the default state after closing

  29. twodogs says:

    1 year ago

    Sorry, one more thing... 3) make it so the menu resets after it is closed so the next time it opens it shows the main panel with favorites.

  30. twodogs says:

    1 year ago

    This is a really nice applet and a very nice menu panel. Keep up the good work! I believe you are using the Nighlife-Graphite theme. I use it too! Some things I would change... 1) add a 'Cinnamon Settings' on right side, say above 'Package Manager.' 2) make the places section actually 'read' what is in the home folder. For example, I have the normal folders plus a 'PDF' folder and a 'Torrents' folder but they don't show up on the menu. Is this something I can just add in a config file? If it did this automagically that would be great! Thanks.

  31. physics says:

    1 year ago

    nice :) what for gtk theme are you using? check out the cinnamon theme i made . as far as the 0px on theme left i haven't figured that out yet

  32. bluedxca93 says:

    1 year ago

    Nice work. Could you write a version with an fixed placement of the applet-window. (something like 40px above the bottom of the screen and 0-3px on the left ?) . Actually my pc looks like this : . language support would also be nice, but i don´t find it really necessary ;) .

  33. bimsebasse says:

    1 year ago

    Very interesting! Few padding and spacing issues but it has potential.

  34. physics says:

    1 year ago

    I've made one like that just don't have all the bugs ironed out yet. I'm planning on making the text-items hide in this one.

  35. dalcde says:

    1 year ago

    Try to use submenus for categories so that it looks more like Windows 7 (It is weird when it suddenly got expanded.

  36. physics says:

    1 year ago

    Sorry I forgot to add language support.

  37. sarantis says:

    1 year ago

    Very nice applet but i have a problem with my locale (UTF-8, Greek Locale). In App List everything works OK (Home, Computer, Run, Control Center, etc.) but NOT Documents, Pictures, Videos, Music. On execution i get an error message foe --> Can't find "/home/user/Documents" and that's cause my " Documents " folder is with greek name " ??????? " If i change in boxes.js foe --> "Util.spawnCommandLine('nautilus Documents')" to --> "Util.spawnCommandLine('nautilus ???????')" i get an error message --> Can't find /home/user/Î?γγραÏ?α" Hope for a workaround :) Cheers.