CinnaDock 0.4

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31st Mar 2012

hi, version 0.4 is out - in short right-click menu has been extended (start new window/pick from already open windows of same app are there together with pin to/remove from dock) 

in case of issues with new version or if old version is preferred a copy of version 0.3 is included as v3extension.js (please override extensions.js with v3extensions.js if needed)



17th Mar 2012 

hi, quick update

metadata.json updated to support Cinnamon 1.4.0 

known issues:

some application windows (not a rule but happen often for freshly installed apps) report themselves as window:4 or window:7 instead of application name like opera-browser.desktop - adding such an app to dock causes all items to disapear - to fix this you need to use alt-f2 dconf-editor find cinnadock-apps and manually remove any window:1 window:4 entries 

please let me know if this is common problem -i belive fix should be handled upstream dock's code - but if problem affects quite a few users we can think of workaround



hi, thought to let you know that version 0.3 is out there, to sum up features we have now:

>>> settings menu implemented - this allows for changing autohide flag and position - no need for dconf-editor and alt-f2 r anymore - middle mouse click anywhere on a dock activates settings menu

>>> 'pin to dock' and 'remove' right-click options implemented to make adding/removing apps from dock easier


some technical bits:

=== seperate schema tree for cinnadock - /org/cinnamon/extensions/cinnadock 

=== stopped unnecessary dock refreshes upon app opening/closing/focus changing


I looked at ways of compiling schemas from code but couldnt find any reasonable solution - though I received confirmation from Cinnamon team that they plan to allow extenstions to be able to load their own schemas. I hope these changes will make to Cinnamon core soon so we could rely on framework for loading schemas making all installation steps unneeded. Until then compiling schema manually is still required. 

Installation steps can be found in txt file.

thanks and hope you will find extension useful 


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  1. iaso2h says:

    8 months ago

    Make it adaptive for Mint 17.1, please

  2. StanW says:

    11 months ago

    While trying to update in LM 17.1 I get the following error: An error occurred during installation or updating. You may wish to report this incident to the developer of If this was an update, the previous installation is unchanged Details: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/tmp/tmpiat5ul/metadata.json'

  3. marjinal1st says:

    1 year ago

    I'm getting this error: Any ideas?

  4. jeykeu says:

    1 year ago

    Hi, Nice applet. BTW, what's your workflow? I'm struggling with documentation realted to G/CJS Regards,

  5. Serged says:

    1 year ago

    1) Same remark as BrianHanson2nd. Have to install manually 2) When the dock is at left (or right) side (good idea with a 16x9 display, no?), it's impossible to enter in the context menu. (tried with LM 13, 15 and 16, same problems).

  6. zagortenay333 says:

    2 years ago

    Awesome extensions! Is it possible to create a stylesheet.css file for it?Even though you made a good job at letting the extension blend into the current theme there are still some places that would need to be customized IMHO

  7. BrianHanson2nd says:

    2 years ago

    Trying to install through the cinnamon interface and I get this error. An error occurred during installation or updating. You may wish to report this incident to the developer of

  8. Enmi says:

    2 years ago

    It works if you add the version # to the metadata.json like this: "cinnamon-version": [ "1.3.0", "1.3.1", "1.3.2", "1.4.0", "1.4.1", "1.4.2", "1.8.8" ], The extension works fine, and all, but I would love this to be properly updated to support the new API, and Cinnamon version. Another thing I'd love to see is synced pinned applications with cinnamon-favorites (i.e., use the same schema key maybe, or keep a duplicate if possible?) I hate to have separate pinned app lists, it's a bit of an OCD thing. If anyone can help me hack it in, I'd be REALLY THANKFUL! ^_^ Other than that, it's a great extension, just needs to be caught up! :D

  9. alek889 says:

    2 years ago

    Not working on cinnamon 1.8.6...Linux mint 15 (olivia)...

  10. jmaltube says:

    2 years ago

    It is no longer working after LMDE update of CInnamon to 1.8.2 on May 16th.. the trick of adding the version number to the json file isn't working anymore. PLEASE i beg you to look at it!!!

  11. ominousG says:

    2 years ago

    This is a great extension but it's really hard to install.

  12. jmaltube says:

    2 years ago

    Great extension!, it's been over a year since last update. Does it really need an update since Cinnamon 1.6 is out there?.

  13. alle83 says:

    2 years ago

    Doesn't work. I did everything you wrote in the .txt file, but nothing appears, I don't know why

  14. ABB13 says:

    2 years ago

    I don't understand the step "as root compile schema glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/" can someone help me?

  15. Tailbone says:

    2 years ago

    I added "1.6.0" and "1.6.7" to the json file and it's working .

  16. JR72 says:

    2 years ago

    I also had to add the 1.6.7 version number to the json file and then reboot (logout didn't get the dock showing). I'm liking the extension, but would love to see features from other docks (eg AWN) added, like some form of indicator that a program is running, animated icons on hover and launch etc, plus options to be able to edit themes - I understand no-one has got theming up and running yet, so I'm in no way complaining. Just looking forward to updates :) Thanks for all your work on this!

  17. dsreyes1014 says:

    2 years ago

    Nevermind. I added cinnamon version number "1.6" in the json file and it's working now.

  18. dsreyes1014 says:

    2 years ago

    I'm not able to use the dock. It won't install per instructions in the .txt file. Shows in dconf-editor and still nothing. Please help!! Thanks.

  19. LexMK says:

    3 years ago

    Cinnadock is not working for me. Currently using LMDE UP5 and Cinnamon 1.6.4, ticking it and restarting Cinnamon makes the session crash.

  20. jmaltube says:

    3 years ago

    A real beauty, installation was fine I don't think an installation script is needed. How can I know when a new version is launched? are there any feeds or something?

  21. LostintheWilderness says:

    3 years ago

    I am using Cinnamon 1.6 on Ubuntu 12.04 I tried installing extension and see Cinnadock listed in dconf-editor but top line says "['gnome-terminal.desktop']" next toapps. I am unable to get the dock to launch. Noticed when I used cmd "sudo glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/" that nothing appeared to happen in terminal , just went back to prompt

  22. Yota says:

    3 years ago

    hi! im using mint 13 with cinnamon 1.4. i have a nvidia graphics card and 2 monitors. your extension looks very nice and promising and im looking forward to using it. sadly, it doesnt work properly for me. once my mouse is over the panel, it hides immediately. after closing some(?) application, it appears again (again until my mouse is over the panel). also, it would be awesome if it was possible to create several dock instances and eg. use every dock for a simple monitor. even the official panel doesnt support that yet, so it would be a big plus for your extension. i could also try programming myself, but i got to understand how this works in cinnamon and so on, so id need an introduction - any links?

  23. Steve says:

    3 years ago

    Hi there, I'm test driving Mint 13 w/ cinnamon right now, it's all new to me. I'm used to gnome2 and all that. Basically I installed this extension into ~/.local/share/cinnamon/extensions and enabled it through the extensions menu in cinnamon settings. Nothing at all happened, what am I missing? Do I have to look somewhere to add a new panel?

  24. abnvolk says:

    3 years ago

    z06gal: Middle click it :) I love this extension! It works perfectly! Now all I want is the ability to move docked apps :)

  25. debimint says:

    3 years ago

    just installed Mint 13 Lts and when i turned on the dock it crashed cinnamon. it did work great under LMDE

  26. debimint says:

    3 years ago

    this works great for me on LMDE cinnamon 1.4 it would be nice if the dock picked up on the cinnamon theme, but works great as is. 5 stars

  27. z06gal says:

    3 years ago

    I just installed this extension but I get nothing when I right click. It is on the right side of the screen and I'd like to change that so how do you make changes to it? Thanks ;)

  28. Gaugamela says:

    3 years ago

    Thanks for the reply! :) I suppose that time is always a problem, and since I am a newbie I can't help with anything besides giving suggestions. Not sure if it would be possible of maybe making Cinnadock compatible with the Cinnamon applets? Maybe creating a way of having them install to the Cinnadock instead of the panel? That way maybe you could cut the amount of work you would have to do. I would recommend you to look into this KDE widget for inspiration:

  29. greg says:

    3 years ago

    @bimsebasse, thanks for it @Gaugamela, for some time now thinking of adding 'places' under nautilus right click menu - could also add 'recent docs' (as maybe menu/submenu) when time allows - applets (docklets) would be nice though they require some foundation/framework as means of creating/customizing them - would be nice to have but i must say i will be short of time to look into it - when it comes to suggestion 4 did you try to create custom .desktop file (launcher) and add it to cinnadock-apps dconf entry? (not a user friendly operation but again to make it easy applet/docklet foundation needs to be in place) - will look at window preview feature - please stay tuned, thanks

  30. Gaugamela says:

    3 years ago

    Hello Greg. Can I give you a couple of suggestions for the dock? 1 - make a Recent Documents applet 2 - a Stacks applet 3 - Put Window previews in the dock, 4 - Allow to pin launchers to the dock, Great job so far, having a great dock is awesome for Cinnamon. :)

  31. bimsebasse says:

    3 years ago

    Hi greg, I added this to the Cinnamon Extras PPA ( - hope that's cool. The PPA install automatically installs the schema and compiles it.

  32. greg says:

    3 years ago

    @vanderson, thanks for feedback - yes, framework reports some open applications by names like window:3 - not a brilliant thing and dock takes the heat at the moment - i can suggest to manually add software manager (.desktop) into cinnadock-apps (order of this list is an order of icons in your dock so you can add software manager to any place within a dock) - this should work fine if you keep opening software manager from dock - if it happens that you open it from other place and it exposes as window:3 again then you will see two software managers in a dock - one in a place you added it to cinnadock-apps and second at the end of dock as open app (which dock sees as new app due to its window:3 name) - not ideal but shouldnt do any harm to dock either (unless you try to pin this app to dock again) - i hope this wont be happening too often though

  33. Vanderson says:

    3 years ago

    @greg, yah there was a number of 'window#' entries in the settings (dconf) I cleaned them out. For example I can't get the "software manager" to pin. It always leaves a window# in there. I can live with the dock being supplimental to the panel launcher. Would specific feedback be helpful top you?

  34. greg says:

    3 years ago

    @vanderson, from what i understand you are trying to see if you actually clicked on app (icon) in a dock - by default once you click on (let say slow loading) app it should change background color/shade - this is more visible if you click, shift focus out of clicked icon and observe background change while app is loading - once app is started, dock will mark just loaded app by enveloping its icon - for issue with pin to dock not working do you see any errors related to cinnadock in your display manager log (i use slim, you may be using gdm) - any partucular apps? could be that cinnadock-apps schema entry contains window:1 or similar?

  35. Vanderson says:

    3 years ago

    Ok, I got the CSS class .dock-app:active to function, but you won't believe how... :P I inserted an alert() into the extension.js (on a lark, cause I don't get this stuff yet) and the .dock-app:active displayed. So then I commented all the return true; and the return false; from the "_onButtonPress: function(actor, event)" section (about line #1131) (removed my stupid alert()) and now the .dock-app:active state shows up on mouse clicks! Dang, is there any documentation on doing this kind of coding anywhere? This solution doesn't make sense...

  36. Vanderson says:

    3 years ago

    lol, nm on the menu not showing, I had to middle click (saw the comment in the code)

  37. Vanderson says:

    3 years ago

    Thanks for the fix notes, I redownloaded and got it working. Bug Report: 1. Right-click to modify settings didn't open any panel/window though (like the screen shot above) so I had to use the dconf editor. :P 2. Some apps I pin to the dock don't remain after they are closed. Feature request: 1. Some kind of indicator so that I know the click on the icon was registered. Sometimes I click, and I can't tell if anything is happening. (ie, especially if an app is slow to load) Question: Can this thing be run as an applet instead of an extension? (not sure it matters, but thinking about editing the metadata.json every time I do an update sound annoying) Thanks, I am looking forward to completely getting rid of the bloated dock I currently have. :P

  38. greg says:

    3 years ago

    just thought to ask if there are any packagers interested in packing up Cinnadock? If extension is installed from package then compiling schema could be handled as post installation step thus making installation super simple - there are many platforms but could be that we find few people interested in this work, please share here if there are any packages made available for any platform - thanks in advance

  39. greg says:

    3 years ago

    @rvc-2011 thanks for sharing some good art work :) @gantry can you confirm schema was compiled/loaded properly? (please see pictures in zip file) - if that was a version problem then please download latest zip file and all should work fine @Vanderson updated to 1.4.0 now

  40. Escanor says:

    3 years ago

    @Vanderson Try to change cinnamon version in json file,from 1.3.2 to 1.4.

  41. Vanderson says:

    3 years ago

    I couldn't get this to work on Cinnamon 1.4 :( Any updates coming for this extension? Could this be done with an applet to avoid version issues?

  42. gantry says:

    3 years ago

    It doesn't seem to work for me. I have a panel at the top and the bottom. I wonder if that is causing a conflict.

  43. rvc-2011 says:

    3 years ago

    hi greg.... follow this link, download the zip and use the mods.... i ve made 2 mods for background. light and dark.... i just love that ! the link =>'n'Tweaks/ the folder contains just the css-modified and the backgrounds... try the variant you wished by adding your other files ! thank you for sharing this extension champ !

  44. greg says:

    3 years ago

    hi rvc-2011, glad there is some theming work going on :) - would be nice to see how highlighting open app that has focus and app mouse pointer is over looks like - any chance for extra screenshot? thanks

  45. rvc-2011 says:

    3 years ago

    here is the link to the screenshot of your dock theme modified by me.... awesome champ !

  46. Daniel4lm says:

    3 years ago

    Absolutely perfect. 5 from me

  47. rvc-2011 says:

    3 years ago

    very useful extension champ.... i ve been using it for a while and voted up ! just wanted to share with you that i edited the css file and made the dock background transparent, edited the selectied and hover effects to suit the cinnamon theme ! my next approach is to give a glass like or equivalent panel to the dock (Mac Style ?) lets see how that works out ! thank you for sharing this art !

  48. dalcde says:

    3 years ago

    Sorry you should remove the brackets in the script ( /home/$USER/ instead of /home($USER)/)

  49. dalcde says:

    3 years ago

    #!/bin/sh cp -r /home/($USER)/.local/cinnamon/extensions/ cp org.cinnamon.extensions.cinnadock.gschema.xml /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/ glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/ The above does a local install.

  50. dalcde says:

    3 years ago

    The above script does a system-wide installation.

  51. dalcde says:

    3 years ago

    Installation script (to be run as root): #!/bin/sh cp -r /usr/share/cinnamon/extensions/ cp org.cinnamon.extensions.cinnadock.gschema.xml /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/ glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/

  52. greg says:

    3 years ago

    sinlexx, my fault, apologies for it, indeed there was a period zip file didnt have a schema, when i realized this i quickly uploaded new one displayname, sounds like a plan :) keep on learning on other projects and then come back to cinnadock ;) zenrox, please see new description about Cinnamon plans to allow for schema loading from extensions, that should solve all issues we have now, i really wait for it

  53. zenrox says:

    3 years ago

    nvm to my prevois comment i moved wrong file and dint compile the right one

  54. zenrox says:

    3 years ago

    JS ERROR: !!! Exception was: TypeError: ids is null JS ERROR: !!! lineNumber = '652' JS ERROR: !!! fileName = '"/home/zenrox/.local/share/cinnamon/extensions/"' JS ERROR: !!! stack = '"()@/home/zenrox/.local/share/cinnamon/extensions/ _runDeferredWork("1")@/usr/local/share/cinnamon/js/ui/main.js:897 _runBeforeRedrawQueue()@/usr/local/share/cinnamon/js/ui/main.js:912 ()@/usr/local/share/cinnamon/js/ui/main.js:921 "' JS ERROR: !!! message = '"ids is null"' error in this new ver and cinnamon lg is complaing about not finding it metadata.json but it is thare soo hmmm

  55. dsplayname says:

    3 years ago

    Sinlexx- The proper Schema file should be included with the download. If not, download it again, then copy/paste it to here : /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/ As far as making the background transparent, all I did was open the CSS file(in Geany, but any text editor will work fine), and change this: background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.9); to this: background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0); I don't know much about making themes yet, but am learning as I go. I'll have something more soon, after I get other projects moving faster.

  56. sinlexx says:

    3 years ago

    Hey am a linux mint user, and wanted to try cinnamon, its really awesome!! Now I wanted to give a try to this dock, followed the steps, but i am missing the gschema.xml file. where can I get it? thx for help

  57. greg says:

    3 years ago

    displayname, good stuff :) i was actually thinking to ask if there will be anyone interested to work on theming cinnadock - please tell me that you are already on TODO section for themes :)) so we could have nice led style highlights or something even better than this :) thanks and glad extension finds some use

  58. dsplayname says:

    3 years ago

    I changed the CSS so that the background of the dock is 100% transparent. It gives it an even cleaner look. Great job with the improvements, thanks for making it!

  59. greg says:

    3 years ago

    @zenrox thanks for feedback - glad it works for you, sure i will keep an eye on version changes @dalcde - if we manage to push changes in dock schema into next cinnamon release then half of installation steps can be dropped since while installing cinnamon package, schemas are compiled automatically for you also currently i am working on right-clicking on dock so adding/removing items to/from dock is available within a mouse click - if i manage to do this then together with schema changes hopefully included in future releases there should not be any installation steps :) - as a one-off operation you will have to open apps that you plan to add to dock, click on add(pin) to dock and that should be it, hope we will get there soon, will keep you updated thanks

  60. dalcde says:

    3 years ago

    Make a little installation script instead?

  61. zenrox says:

    3 years ago

    needed to update the version in the json file from 1.3 to 1.3.0 but other than that works just fine