Bluebird-Cinnamon 1.2

Certification: Cinnamon 1.6
Score: 5
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Cinnamon theme based on Helios:

Meant for use with the original Bluebird GTK and Window theme:

Compatible with 1.6, not tested on earlier versions.



Extract the downloaded file to "~/.themes/" or "/usr/share/themes/"

Open Cinnamon-Settings to change to your new theme.



1.1: Edited keyboard colors, made toggle switches -> checkboxes.

1.2: Made panel smaller, centered clock and text, spaced out applets a bit (as per comment), added font-family used in screenshot (Arial) with two fallbacks (Ubuntu, sans-serif)


Icon theme used in screenshot is Faenza-Dark.

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  1. Yubaba says:

    1 year ago

    Really like this one, but it bunches all the applets up really close. Otherwise it's lovely. :)