Tyr jord 3.0

Certification: Cinnamon 1.8
Score: 28
Last edited: 11 months ago

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Simple and sleek theme for Cinnamon in two variants: green (jord) and blue (himinn). Tried to do things a little way different than other themes - hope it's not too weird (click the website button above for a better theme thumbnail).

Font: Droid Sans (sudo apt-get install fonts-droid)
Icons: Faience
Wallpaper: Guist

- May 2, 2013: Brought up-to-date with Cinnamon 1.8 + various fixes (right-click submenus in the menu and a more noticeable window-list-tab-demands-attention style)

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  1. santa_klaus says:

    2 months ago

    Hi bimsebasse, I like this theme a lot. Made me enjoy my desktop again. I also like the feeling working with Týr ;) Thanks for the effort, Greetings, santa

  2. kunaguvarun says:

    6 months ago

    Hello, Theme is great. But I would like to point out that when applied, Status bar in Nemo is hidden and cannot turn it on. Do anyone else face same problem?

  3. bimsebasse says:

    9 months ago

    Jhoan - what do you need help with? You do it from the Themes tab in System Settings.

  4. Jhoan says:

    10 months ago

    Costa Rican Newcomer in Linux need help to install this Theme from basics. Thank you for your help.

  5. rich97 says:

    10 months ago

    Love it, clean crisp and simple.

  6. bimsebasse says:

    1 year ago

    vlad: see what you mean. I don't have it on my machine, though, so it's hard to troubleshoot :/

  7. Cumeja says:

    1 year ago

    Very beautiful theme indeed. Thank you !

  8. vlad1777d says:

    1 year ago


  9. shockalex says:

    1 year ago

    This is fantastic! I configured the panel size to 25px in Cinnamon settings .. and it worked ... now the panel is above the windows! Thank you ... great job!

  10. bimsebasse says:

    1 year ago

    That was fixed in a recent version of Cinnamon, thought it was backported into the stable version. The fix is to edit "height: 26px;" under "#panel" in the cinnamon.css file to say "height: 25px;" instead. You may also be able to get around it if you play around with panel size in Cinnamon Settings.

  11. shockalex says:

    1 year ago

    Like this http://img803.imageshack.us/img803/9702/cinnamonpanel.png..

  12. shockalex says:

    1 year ago

    Theme perfect .. but here the panel stood in front of the windows, hiding them. Any fix?

  13. Ligganclick says:

    1 year ago

    Very nice theme. Just one thing, though, please don't use non-standard characters in the filenames.

  14. bimsebasse says:

    1 year ago

    dalcde: the 1mb size limit :o)

    Lunatico: works normally here :o/

  15. dalcde says:

    1 year ago

    Wow... I don't play with themes much (who needs themes with terminals?), but this is truely amazing. QUESTION: Where did the idea of the thumbnail come from?

  16. Lunatico says:

    1 year ago

    This theme seems to have that ugly infamous bug where icons appear huge.

  17. bimsebasse says:

    1 year ago

    Odd, I don't see it: http://i.imgur.com/NZikT.jpg

    What version of Cinnamon do you use?

  18. vlad1777d says:

    1 year ago

    There is an error in overview expo mode - appears white line (1px) in the bottom of workspace miniature, and this workspace miniature changes its size. (i had same error, when i wrote wrong sizes in one of department (or workspace osd or overview background)).

  19. abnvolk says:

    1 year ago