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Click to lock the screen immediately


3 years ago
After update to Cinnamon 2.0 Screen locker invokes a different lockscreen than ctrl-alt-l

Looking through the script applet.js I saw that Screen Locker was calling
gnome-screensaver-command --lock

I changed this to
cinnamon-screensaver-command --lock

and Screen Locker now invokes the same lockscreen as ctrl-alt-l

4 years ago
Thanks for taking the time to make this! Now everyone thinks I'm awesome because I can lock my screen with the click of a button. The guy in the next cube uses Ubuntu and doesn't even know how to lock his screen with cnt-alt-L
4 years ago
@TheMidnightWings, i hope to don't use it often panicky!

@norbert, i'm glad to read that you use it!
4 years ago
Awesome applet, handy for a panic button, if you catch my drift! Haha
4 years ago