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Quick access files in a directory

I used code from various applets as I couldn't find great doco on the web. I ended up finding some decent stuff from the GNOME3 site though, at least for the GSettings stuff.

I looked through the code in the following applets to help me learn what to do, and in some cases may have used some small segments of code from these applets:

  • weather@mockturtl

The weather applet was clear that it's licence was GPL3, so the licence for this applet will fall under GPL3 too (incase I used some code from there, not sure anymore).

I also retrieved the really nice looking icon from: Icon Author:

The icon is also GPL licenced. I wanted to use it, but after 15 minutes of trying to figure out how to display a bundled icon with the applet, I gave up.

Please drop me a note if you know a nice way of doing that!

You can reach me on e-mail at (remove the whitespace and convert the AT etc): mick saunders+path-mon AT gmail dot com


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