Settings Plus

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1 year ago 2018-03-15, 14:28 UTC
Last commit: [66d25fca] Fix for Cinnamon 3.8 (#1677)

A Customizable Settings Menu

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yochananmarqos-1 year ago
Left-clicking the tray icon now does nothing. Manjaro updated a bunch of Gnome / GTK files recently, that's all I can think of that might have caused it. Manjaro Linux Cinnamon 3.6.6
Dan Honnen
Dan Honnen-2 years ago
Nice applet, I'm enjoying it! Side note, in Linux Mint 18.2, I had to edit a line in ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/ for the "Edit Menu" context button to work. Just replace this line: Util.spawnCommandLine("gnome-open " + ConfigFile); With: Util.spawnCommandLine("xed " + ConfigFile); Doesn't have to be xed also, can be gedit, etc.