World Clock Calendar

by simonwiles
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Fork of the Cinnamon calendar applet with support for displaying multiple timezones

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Eric James Morgan
Eric James Morgan-2 weeks ago
I just recently upgraded from 14.04 to 16.04.3, running Cinnamon 3.6.7. The world clock applet time does not update at all, either on custom date or on default date, and I cannot add multiple timezones. When I first log in to Cinnamon, the time updates, but not after that. Any help or pointers in debugging would be appreciated!
Aaron de Bruyn
Aaron de Bruyn-4 weeks ago
It should pay attention to the 'Date format' string used by the primary clock. I use a 24-hour clock.
minyaen-1 month ago
Simple and functional.
Jonny McCullagh
Jonny McCullagh-2 months ago
Is it possible to add World Clock twice with each clock in the panel showing a different time/timezone. I've tried adding two world clocks but each just shows the system time.
bakaoniisan-2 months ago
Very nice to have. Thanks.

I can confirm that 24h time does not work on *panel*. The different time zones do work in 24h (%H).
Also full date format in box is fixed at US format. eg "Wednesday October 25, 2017"
a-bentofreire-4 months ago
It's a great applet, but 2 things would do a great improving:
1. Don't use UTC as a default, since it's not clear that deleting this timezone, will allow to have access to suggestion box. I tried several times UTC+n without success until I discover I had to delete the UTC, and type the timezone.

2. Don't display the underscore, but keep it for storage for compatibility issues.
plsamuel-5 months ago
Use "%_H:%M (%a)" as the time format for 24h time.
Christian Bourque
Christian Bourque-7 months ago

I tried the new applet with Linux Mint 18.2 (beta) and it seems that it doesn't respect the system global Date & Time Settings (Use 24h clock). It still shows the time in 12h format in the panel!