World Clock Calendar

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6 months ago 2020-03-28, 02:05
Last commit: [d172c500] world calendar is broken because uses python2 instead of python3 (#2928)

Fork of the Cinnamon calendar applet with support for displaying multiple timezones

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Вячеслав Диконов
This applet is BROKEN as hell. The time shown is ALWAYS WRONG (by 3 hours in my case). My system time is set to +3:00 (Europe/Minsk) according to geographical location and is synced with time servers. All network software works as expected, but no matter how I try to configure both this applet and the standard Cinnamon Calendar they keep showing the blasted unnecessary UTC instead of the correct local time. The World Clock applet can add the right timezone and even display the correct time BUT ONLY AS A TOOLTIP. The main panel clock is forever stack with UTC!!!
Odin Vex
Odin Vex-9 months ago
Perhaps you could add "Date and Time Settings" underneath the World Clocks, and honor those settings such as "Display the Date" and "Use 24hr Clock" as well for the World Clocks?
JoaoMachado-11 months ago
Nice applet... should be moved to Cinnamon as default!
zip9-1 year ago
Works great...very configurable. For setting my preference when adding additional locations, I use a simple format (12h)... %l:%M%p %a %b %e. There are several time format websites....this one is easy to follow: Also make sure to set the format in both the configure interface (just below the 'Use a custom date format' which need to be set to 'on'), and World-Clock settings. They do not synchronize, and may cause issues the next time you make a change.
Chas Kissick
Chas Kissick-1 year ago
Fantastic applet. I have been using this for more than two years on both Fedora and Mint and have never run into a problem. Thank you!
koctob-2 years ago
I was able to use the applet with Linux Mint 19. For future reference - this is the article that I've used: It has a small setup explanation too.
James E. LaBarre
James E. LaBarre-2 years ago
I have not been able to edit/change world-clock items. If I add one, it puts in another entry for UTC, and I cannot change it to another time zone. Cannot find *ANY* documentation on configuring this applet.
Eric James Morgan
Eric James Morgan-2 years ago
I just recently upgraded from 14.04 to 16.04.3, running Cinnamon 3.6.7. The world clock applet time does not update at all, either on custom date or on default date, and I cannot add multiple timezones. When I first log in to Cinnamon, the time updates, but not after that. Any help or pointers in debugging would be appreciated!
Aaron de Bruyn
Aaron de Bruyn-2 years ago
It should pay attention to the 'Date format' string used by the primary clock. I use a 24-hour clock.
minyaen-2 years ago
Simple and functional.
Jonny McCullagh
Jonny McCullagh-2 years ago
Is it possible to add World Clock twice with each clock in the panel showing a different time/timezone. I've tried adding two world clocks but each just shows the system time.
bakaoniisan-2 years ago
Very nice to have. Thanks. I can confirm that 24h time does not work on *panel*. The different time zones do work in 24h (%H). Also full date format in box is fixed at US format. eg "Wednesday October 25, 2017"
a-bentofreire-3 years ago
It's a great applet, but 2 things would do a great improving: 1. Don't use UTC as a default, since it's not clear that deleting this timezone, will allow to have access to suggestion box. I tried several times UTC+n without success until I discover I had to delete the UTC, and type the timezone. 2. Don't display the underscore, but keep it for storage for compatibility issues.
plsamuel-3 years ago
Use "%_H:%M (%a)" as the time format for 24h time.
Christian Bourque
Christian Bourque-3 years ago
Hi, I tried the new applet with Linux Mint 18.2 (beta) and it seems that it doesn't respect the system global Date & Time Settings (Use 24h clock). It still shows the time in 12h format in the panel! Thanks