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An applications drop-down list easily customisable



Custom Application Menu


This applet adds an icon in the cinnamon panel which toogle a list of applications when you click on the icon. This applications list is completly customisable. To edit the applications list, right click on the icon and select Edit.


The applications.json file is a data representation of the Custom Applications Menu. Each line represent an applications entry.

  • desktopFile: The name of a desktop file in the folder '/usr/share/applications' or '~/.local/share/applications'. Used to get the command, display name and icon name. These data won't override the command, display name or icon name if they are explicitly defined.
  • command: The command line to execute
  • iconName: The name of a themed icon or absolute path to an icon file, by default the 'image-missing' themed icon
  • displayName: The name displayed in the menu, by default the same as first word in command
  • active: true or false. Allow to deactivate an application. Useful because JSON doesn't allow comments.

Special command

{ "command":"S" } is used to create a separator

Special entry

menu may be used to create a sub-menu: { "displayName":"sub-menu", "iconName":"applications-internet", "menu": [ { "desktopFile":"firefox" }, { "desktopFile":"filezilla" } ]} By default the iconName is 'image-missing' and displayName is 'sub-menu'

non-ASCII characters

There is a problem with non-ASCII caracters in properties.


This application use an icon named "help-about". If you don't have an icon with this name in your icons theme, a question mark icon is displayed instead. You have 2 possibilities to change the icon:

  1. Copy the star icon in your icons folder: Copy the file "~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/CustomApplicationsMenu@LLOBERA/icon.png" to "~/.icons" and rename it as "help-about.png". Then logout.


  1. Change to an icon you already have in your icons theme: Go to "/usr/share/icons/" Take a look into folders and choose an icon you like. Open the file "~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/CustomApplicationsMenu@LLOBERA/applet.js" Line 97 this.set_applet_icon_name("help-about"); Replace "help-about" by your icon name (without the extension). Then logout.

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Valery Kravtsov
Valery Kravtsov-1 week ago
You suggest to an ordinary user to use JSON, really? How about a simple GUI instead?