Shutdown Menu With Icons

UUID: ShutdownMenuWithIcons@LLOBERA
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5 months ago 2019-01-22, 16:52 UTC
Last commit: [732a27a5] Shutdown Menu with icons nl.po (#2227)

An applet to help you shutdown, restart and suspend your system with single click

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Sadi Yumuşak
Sadi Yumuşak-6 months ago
1. Under LinuxMint 19.1, Cinnamon 4.0.9, the commands "switch user" and "lock screen" don't work. 2. I wish we could also reorder the commands (for example, I would place "Quit" at the bottom, etc.)
Nicolas-4 months ago
You can change the commands in the settings if they don't work for you. And about the order, you can modify the file ".local/share/cinnamon/applets/ShutdownMenuWithIcons@LLOBERA/applet.js": From line 136, you can change the order of blocks if/createMenuItem Then save the changes and relog.
omvsj-7 months ago
I translated your applet to spanish (es.po). 1) How can I activate the translation? It is placed at ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/ShutdownMenuWithIcons@LLOBERA/po/ I tried restarting Cinnamon (Alt + F2, r) and restarting the computer 2) How can I submit it so others may benefit?
Nicolas-4 months ago
1. It seems you did the right thing about the translation. If it doesn't work, maybe there is a problem in your file "es.po". 2. To submit changes, checkout the git branch, push your changes then create a pull request.
M1ntyFresh-11 months ago
How do you install?
Nicolas-10 months ago
If you want to know how to install an applet, go to
jhooly-1 year ago
nice one! unlike most the other shutdown applets available in Cinnamon Spices the popup menu here is configurable. i only use "shutdown" and "restart" so it was much appreciated that i could remove all the others without having to hack the code or suchlike.
Nicolas-10 months ago
Thanks for your feedback ;)