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An applet to help you shutdown, restart and suspend your system with single click

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Aupmanyav-3 years ago
Nice applet, Nicolas. Thanks. Two requests: (Ah! People always want more. :)) 1. How can I change the panel icon? 2. Can I add hover capability to it? Amarnath, New Delhi.
Nicolas-2 years ago
Hi Aupmanyav, thanks for your kind message. About your request: 1. to change the panel icon Edit the file ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/ShutdownMenuWithIcons@LLOBERA/applet.js Line 36 : this.set_applet_icon_symbolic_name("system-shutdown"); Replace "system-shutdown" by the icon name you want to use You can find some there: /usr/share/icons/Adwaita/scalable/actions 2. about hover capability, tell me what you have in mind, I am curious to know. But anyway, there is no hover capability available at the moment. An additional development has to be made to add it.
GitListry-3 years ago
Very good applet. I appreciate the possibility to change the order of the applets. Just adjust the applet.js, restart, done. Got the applet in my lower bar. Currently runs on Mint 18.3 and 19.3 without problems. Thanks to the developer
Nicolas-2 years ago
It's heartwarming to have words of thanks, thank you!
ak1dd-3 years ago
I like this version better than the session manager applet. You can configure how and what is presented. 2 things I'd like - Why is it called "Hybrid Sleep" - it is just sleep and the menu is super wide for the amount of text.
Nicolas-3 years ago
Thanks for you kind message. I made this app because I too didn't like so much the session manager applet. Hybrid sleep suspends the system both to RAM and disk, so a complete power loss does not result in lost data. About the wideness of the context menu, this is because the last entry contains the name of the application which is a bit long. My only action could be to rename the app with a shorter name.
fecus66-4 years ago
In Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon the command "hibernate" command ask password. Only thim item ask it. The others not. The message is " ask password..." What do I need to change to avoid asking for a password?
Nicolas-3 years ago
I think you can edit your sudo configuration to allow the hibernate command to be executed without sudo. [Sudo configuration](
Sadi Yumuşak
Sadi Yumuşak-4 years ago
1. Under LinuxMint 19.1, Cinnamon 4.0.9, the commands "switch user" and "lock screen" don't work. 2. I wish we could also reorder the commands (for example, I would place "Quit" at the bottom, etc.)
Nicolas-4 years ago
You can change the commands in the settings if they don't work for you. And about the order, you can modify the file ".local/share/cinnamon/applets/ShutdownMenuWithIcons@LLOBERA/applet.js": From line 136, you can change the order of blocks if/createMenuItem Then save the changes and relog.
omvsj-4 years ago
I translated your applet to spanish (es.po). 1) How can I activate the translation? It is placed at ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/ShutdownMenuWithIcons@LLOBERA/po/ I tried restarting Cinnamon (Alt + F2, r) and restarting the computer 2) How can I submit it so others may benefit?
Nicolas-4 years ago
1. It seems you did the right thing about the translation. If it doesn't work, maybe there is a problem in your file "es.po". 2. To submit changes, checkout the git branch, push your changes then create a pull request.
M1ntyFresh-5 years ago
How do you install?
Nicolas-5 years ago
If you want to know how to install an applet, go to
jhooly-5 years ago
nice one! unlike most the other shutdown applets available in Cinnamon Spices the popup menu here is configurable. i only use "shutdown" and "restart" so it was much appreciated that i could remove all the others without having to hack the code or suchlike.
Nicolas-5 years ago
Thanks for your feedback ;)