Cinnamon Multi-Line Taskbar

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Multi-line taskbar applet for Cinnamon (Linux Mint)

This is a clone of the original Cinnamon applet that adds support for a multi-line taskbar.


  1. Download the applet and install to ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/
  2. Go to Menu > Cinnamon Settings > Applets
  3. Ensure applet 'Cinnamon Multi-Line taskbar' is present
  4. Uncheck the default 'Cinnamon Window List'
  5. Enable applet 'Cinnamon Multi-Line taskbar'
  6. Go to Menu > Cinnamon Settings > Panel
  7. Check 'Use customized panel size'
  8. Set bottom height to something around 35-70 pixels (depending on your theme and number of rows for the taskbar)

Configuring the applet

  1. File applet.js contains two constants: TASKBAR_ROW_COUNT and MIN_BUTTONS_PER_LINE
  2. Restart Cinnamon to see the changes

Known issues

  1. Drag-and-Drop (reorder) functionality of the bottom bar might not work

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RogerioLuzCoelho-4 years ago
Nice App ... but the hover function does not work, so I cannot see the stuff I am Working on ... Thanks!