Places Center

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Provides an easy-to-read layout to access your places

Places Center

Places Center is a feature-rich, cross-platform Cinnamon applet that provides easy access to all of your most-used places.


  • All entries are file manager independent (which means that they should work for nautilus, nemo, and probably any other file manager as well)
  • Option to display all volumes, or just the ones that are mounted
  • Supports bookmarks (eg. from Nemo)
  • Supports additional user defined places
  • Easy to read layout with multiple columns
  • Ability to set the panel icon and text (symbolic icons supported)
  • Option to show recent documents
  • Quick keyboard access (default super+p)
  • Search tool that allows you to quickly search for files and folders (supports regular expressions)
  • Add middle click to open

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claudiux-2 weeks ago
Hi Stephen, I was a very satisfied user of Places Center until my favorite places became too many. So I modified applet.js to create a userScrollBox like you did for your recentScrollBox. And I am again a very satisfied user! Should I do a PR on your Cinnamon-Place-Center repo (it does not seem up to date) or on linuxmint / cinnamon-spices-applets? I also made a fr.po file, using poedit.
Stephen Collins
Stephen Collins-2 weeks ago
hi claudiux, please submit pull requests to the cinnamon-spices-applets repository. I don't maintain my personal repositories anymore. I just haven't got around to deleting them yet.
Leon-1 month ago
This is the applet I was looking for. No issues so far. Very nit-picky suggestion/question: Is it possible to disable the bookmarks showing up in user section (clutter-phobic minimalist here)? This could be a toggle option similar to "show desktop". Or is there a workaround using the custom field? (bit of a linux noob tbh) I like using a custom icon: .../Mint-X/devices/scalable/computer-symbolic.svg
Stephen Collins
Stephen Collins-1 month ago
Hey Leon, glad to hear you like it. I could certainly look into add that option. Do you want to remove all bookmarks, or just the ones that aren't default? (Documents, Music, Pictures, etc are also bookmarks and it might be harder to hide some bookmarks and not others.)
Not showing on the panel, it's on the panel but no icon and such, just see a blip on the panel when adding mint 17.3, Cinnamon 2.8.6 and 2.8.8, please fix, thanks.
Stephen Collins
Stephen Collins-1 month ago
Hi, saying it's broken is not helpful at all. I need more information before I can identify the problem and fix it. Please open a bug report on github as this is not really designed for this. It will prompt you for the majority of the information I will require, and facilitate a much more reliable and speedy communication for additional information and testing.
Howard-2 months ago
Thanks. Nice! It does however seem to significantly slow a system reboot. Cinnamon ver 3.2.7 on Debian Stretch 9.2 on x86-64.
trumpeti100-4 months ago
I have been using it successfully for several years. A very good and necessary applet. Thank you! But after updating to current version (on the date of writing the post) I observe situation: - there are several mounted disks; if click on the "triangle" icon in applet to unmount one of them - all mounted disks become unmounted. Inspect on two machines (with Cinnamon 3.4.6) - similar situation.
Stephen Collins
Stephen Collins-3 months ago
I'm not sure what could be causing the issue. It works fine for me on the latest Cinnamon. I haven't made any significant changes in a while. Certainly nothing that would be related to unmounting drives. Do you see it in Nemo and/or the removable drives applet (included with Cinnamon), or is it only happening with my applet?
invexx-6 months ago
Please disregard my previous msg. Everything's fine.
invexx-6 months ago
I deleted some directories from Home but they're still showing in Places Center. Is there a cached file I could delete? Or how could I refresh? BTW, I use a vertical panel layout and Places Center works perfectly.
invexx-6 months ago
Very nice. Thank you.
Stephen Collins
Stephen Collins-9 months ago
It works in vertical panel for me. Did you make sure it was completely up to date first? It was only added recently.
Valery Levchenko
Valery Levchenko-9 months ago
Great addon, but unfortunately doesn't work in vertical panel layout.