Places Center

by collinss
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Provides an easy-to-read layout to access your places

Places Center

Places Center is a feature-rich, cross-platform Cinnamon applet that provides easy access to all of your most-used places.


  • All entries are file manager independent (which means that they should work for nautilus, nemo, and probably any other file manager as well)
  • Option to display all volumes, or just the ones that are mounted
  • Supports bookmarks (eg. from Nemo)
  • Supports additional user defined places
  • Easy to read layout with multiple columns
  • Ability to set the panel icon and text (symbolic icons supported)
  • Option to show recent documents
  • Quick keyboard access (default super+p)
  • Search tool that allows you to quickly search for files and folders (supports regular expressions)
  • Add middle click to open

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trumpeti100-1 month ago
I have been using it successfully for several years. A very good and necessary applet. Thank you! But after updating to current version (on the date of writing the post) I observe situation:

- there are several mounted disks; if click on the "triangle" icon in applet to unmount one of them - all mounted disks become unmounted.

Inspect on two machines (with Cinnamon 3.4.6) - similar situation.
Stephen Collins
Stephen Collins-3 weeks ago
I'm not sure what could be causing the issue. It works fine for me on the latest Cinnamon. I haven't made any significant changes in a while. Certainly nothing that would be related to unmounting drives. Do you see it in Nemo and/or the removable drives applet (included with Cinnamon), or is it only happening with my applet?
invexx-3 months ago
Please disregard my previous msg. Everything's fine.
invexx-3 months ago
I deleted some directories from Home but they're still showing in Places Center.
Is there a cached file I could delete? Or how could I refresh?

BTW, I use a vertical panel layout and Places Center works perfectly.
invexx-3 months ago
Very nice. Thank you.
Stephen Collins
Stephen Collins-6 months ago
It works in vertical panel for me. Did you make sure it was completely up to date first? It was only added recently.
Valery Levchenko
Valery Levchenko-6 months ago
Great addon, but unfortunately doesn't work in vertical panel layout.