Pomodoro Timer

by gfreeau
UUID: pomodoro@gregfreeman.org
Score: 2
Last edited: 3 weeks ago
Last commit: 99f7d9617e29ae202200f3f10fe390d047872a12

Great tool for boosted productivity!

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Roman M. Yagodin
Roman M. Yagodin-1 month ago
2017-06-07 version:
- Pomodoro icon is too close to the counter - need a little gap between them.
- Looks like only full sequences counted, not single 25m work periods.
- I would like to have an option to disable display the counter of pomodoros.
- Messages could be more clear.
- Need separate icon for non-active timer (e.g. white one).
Amir Adar
Amir Adar-5 months ago
Using Mint-Y as my theme, I cannot see the numbers above the different duration sliders in the settings. This makes me unsure of what the configuration is, or how to modify it.