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Great tool for boosted productivity!



The following package is required for the sound to work:


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MrOnijohn-4 months ago
Thank you for this applet, it works great for me (Mint 21.1)! The only feature request I have is a keyboard shortcut for starting the next timer (be it break or work), which would be great!
richo-11 months ago
richo-1 year ago
Ben Miller
Ben Miller-1 year ago
I love this applet. I do have a request for a feature. There is no dialog message on screen that the current work session has ended, and no option I can set to notify when a work period has ended. It only tells me when the break has ended. While I understand not wanting to interrupt workflow if it is happening well and you just cruise through your break, it defeats the purpose of the applet if there is not some clear indication that you are done with your break. Again, I love this applet and thank you.
Anton Voloshchuk
Anton Voloshchuk-1 year ago
Added this feature here: https://github.com/glkclass/cinnamon-spices applets/commit/7ef7c0250dd5e282fc1fa0e133b7076c11ce7e0d
Anton Voloshchuk
Anton Voloshchuk-1 year ago
https://github.com/glkclass/cinnamon-spices applets/commit/7ef7c0250dd5e282fc1fa0e133b7076c11ce7e0d
Anton Voloshchuk
Anton Voloshchuk-1 year ago
Agree. The tool is the best pomodoro timer I tried. But there is a lack of 'screen blocking setting' after work time has been finished. The similar feature exists for 'rest time finished' and it would be great to add it 'work time finished' as well. Not to miss time for rest )
BoringMuffin-1 year ago
Hi I find the tool great, only I hear no warning tone although I have reingemacht an mp3 file at "file for warning tone". sox I have installed and the Tiktak sound also works. Sorry for my English. Please help me
Vishal Dongre
Vishal Dongre-2 years ago
Hi gfreeau, I really love this applet. Only one suggestion, can we add keybinding for various options ? Also one more thing you are awesome.
Alexander Reflector
I would like the program to keep statistics on finished tomatoes. I saw such a function in the firefox plugin. :)
StoicIndividual-2 years ago
this is a small thing but, can it come with some built in sound?
StoicIndividual-2 years ago
nevermind my bad
ven-u-3 years ago
I really love this applet. I would like to know if there is some way to cause it to start running automatically at boot time, instead of having to (remember to) start it from the panel. Like start it using a script that could be called from crontab or <startup applications>. Thanks, -Sadhu
manoelsslima-3 years ago
After an upgrade from Linux Mint 19.3 to Linux Mint 20, the applet stopped working. I realized that the alias "python" wasn't pointing to any version of python. So I installed the package "python-is-python3" and Pomodoro Timer was back! So just run the command in terminal: $ sudo apt-get install python-is-python3 Remove and add your applet again. It should work now.
jeangs99-3 years ago
Alekzsss-3 years ago
thanx a lot :)
philardine-3 years ago
Hi all! Linux Mint 20.04 just installed, I want to try this applet (seems awfull). Sadly cannot manage to make it run. LookingGlass log says : command python doesn't exist. In my case, the solution was "apt-get install python-is-python2" and it worked like a charm. Hope it will help others... Thnx for your applet :-)
Tom-3 years ago
I'm also disappointed that Pomodoro doesn't work on Mint 20. I've found it very useful in the past - any chance of an update? Thanks!
Arsen Poghosyan
Arsen Poghosyan-3 years ago
Unfortunately, the applet is not loading on Linux Mint 20.
henshu70-3 years ago
Very nice tool. Would it be a big trouble to publish it also as a plasmoid?
Titanio Verde
Titanio Verde-3 years ago
Nice tool so far! A way to save some clicks would be to immediately close the menu when clicking Pomodoro Timer (to start). It could be an option.
andlpd-4 years ago
For anyone having trouble with the sounds not playing: - the extension uses the "play" command, available through the "sox" package (sudo apt install sox) - it works (at least) with .ogg and .wav files
Dmitry-2 years ago
Thank you. Another troubles i found: - It supports only english symbols, file name and dir - It does not support spaces in dir and filename
ManraD445-4 years ago
what extension of sound use?
Butterfly-5 years ago
Hi, could you add keyboard shortcut for start, pause and reset.
Sree Gowtham Josyula
Nice App for good productivity.
2dxb-5 years ago
Do something for work in vertical-panel mode.
didierCH-5 years ago
Awesome! Thank you very much for this applet!
Jerimiah Gentry
Jerimiah Gentry-5 years ago
Beautiful, low profile and simple, although I can't figure out how to make the sounds louder. I added sounds from /usr/share/sounds/ubnutu/ringtones because I wanted more obvious sounds but I can barely hear them and tend to miss my breaks. Will continue to troubleshoot.
Florian Kelbert
Florian Kelbert-5 years ago
Hi there, I love the applet. I boosted my productivity a lot. I do have a small feature request: While I would love to see the remaining time in the panel, the ticking seconds made me kind of nervous. Idea: Provide an option "Show remaining seconds in panel: Yes/No" The corresponding code in applet.js could then look something like this: if (this._opt_showTimerInPanel) { timerText += " \u00B7 "; // Separator if (this._opt_showSecondsInPanel) { timerText += "d:d".format(Math.abs(minutes), Math.abs(seconds)); } else { if (Math.abs(minutes) == 0) { timerText += "ds".format(Math.abs(seconds)); } else { timerText += "dm".format(Math.abs(minutes)); } } }
Roman M. Yagodin
Roman M. Yagodin-6 years ago
2017-06-07 version: - Pomodoro icon is too close to the counter - need a little gap between them. - Looks like only full sequences counted, not single 25m work periods. - I would like to have an option to disable display the counter of pomodoros. - Messages could be more clear. - Need separate icon for non-active timer (e.g. white one).
Amir Adar
Amir Adar-6 years ago
Using Mint-Y as my theme, I cannot see the numbers above the different duration sliders in the settings. This makes me unsure of what the configuration is, or how to modify it.