Pomodoro Timer

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Great tool for boosted productivity!

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andlpd-4 months ago
For anyone having trouble with the sounds not playing: - the extension uses the "play" command, available through the "sox" package (sudo apt install sox) - it works (at least) with .ogg and .wav files
ManraD445-5 months ago
what extension of sound use?
Butterfly-1 year ago
Hi, could you add keyboard shortcut for start, pause and reset.
Sree Gowtham Josyula
Nice App for good productivity.
2dxb-1 year ago
Do something for work in vertical-panel mode.
didierCH-1 year ago
Awesome! Thank you very much for this applet!
Jerimiah Gentry
Jerimiah Gentry-1 year ago
Beautiful, low profile and simple, although I can't figure out how to make the sounds louder. I added sounds from /usr/share/sounds/ubnutu/ringtones because I wanted more obvious sounds but I can barely hear them and tend to miss my breaks. Will continue to troubleshoot.
Florian Kelbert
Florian Kelbert-1 year ago
Hi there, I love the applet. I boosted my productivity a lot. I do have a small feature request: While I would love to see the remaining time in the panel, the ticking seconds made me kind of nervous. Idea: Provide an option "Show remaining seconds in panel: Yes/No" The corresponding code in applet.js could then look something like this: if (this._opt_showTimerInPanel) { timerText += " \u00B7 "; // Separator if (this._opt_showSecondsInPanel) { timerText += "d:d".format(Math.abs(minutes), Math.abs(seconds)); } else { if (Math.abs(minutes) == 0) { timerText += "ds".format(Math.abs(seconds)); } else { timerText += "dm".format(Math.abs(minutes)); } } }
Roman M. Yagodin
Roman M. Yagodin-2 years ago
2017-06-07 version: - Pomodoro icon is too close to the counter - need a little gap between them. - Looks like only full sequences counted, not single 25m work periods. - I would like to have an option to disable display the counter of pomodoros. - Messages could be more clear. - Need separate icon for non-active timer (e.g. white one).
Amir Adar
Amir Adar-2 years ago
Using Mint-Y as my theme, I cannot see the numbers above the different duration sliders in the settings. This makes me unsure of what the configuration is, or how to modify it.