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An applet to launch virtual machines.



VM Launcher applet

Launch virtual machines directly from the panel.


  • Virtualbox or VMware Player
  • Cinnamon 1.8+

For compatibility with Cinnamon 1.7 or earlier, use the original version.


The list of virtual machines is updated every time Cinnamon starts. You can choose if update it again every time the applet is clicked or to manually update clicking on "Update list". The options menu is reachable right-clicking the applet.


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Alex dChe
Alex dChe-2 years ago
linuxmint 19.1 Error (En) --startvm is an option of the VirtualBox machine executable file (VirtualBoxVM), and not the VirtualBox manager. (Ru) - --startvm является опцией исполняемого файла машины VirtualBox (VirtualBoxVM), а не мнеджера VirtualBox.
Alex dChe
Alex dChe-2 years ago
VBox - v. 6.0.0 r127566 (Qt5.9.5)
GNU / Linux
GNU / Linux-2 years ago
Удобный скрипт. 5+