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An applet to launch virtual machines.



VM Launcher applet

Launch virtual machines directly from the panel.


  • Virtualbox or VMware Player
  • Cinnamon 1.8+

For compatibility with Cinnamon 1.7 or earlier, use the original version.


The list of virtual machines is updated every time Cinnamon starts. You can choose if update it again every time the applet is clicked or to manually update clicking on "Update list". The options menu is reachable right-clicking the applet.


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Joan Spark
Joan Spark-3 months ago
superb applet. Thanks for writing it.
RootUserSam-1 year ago
I would like to make a suggestion. When I installed a bunch of different linux's on Virtualbox, the top 4 or 5 aren't being shown and I can't see them. Could you change the applet to use a way that is on windows a bar that can be used to move the installed vm's so that they can be seen or implement the group feature that is in Virtualbox or do both. Thank You!
Key-Snapper-3 years ago
Wonderful applet, thank you! But I need 2 clicks to start the machine. First on the name of the machine, then on the fly-out with the choice between Display and Headless. I will never use Headless and I am lazy. Please add a config where the first click starts the machine.
claudiux-1 year ago
This option exists since version 0.4.1.
Jakub Stonavsky
Jakub Stonavsky-3 years ago
Simple and really useful applet. Thanks!
scottdd-3 years ago
This is a great app. It allowed me to reduce clutter in my panel, and lets me quickly launch any VM I need. It also has a marker to indicate which VMs are currently running. Very useful.
Alex dChe
Alex dChe-5 years ago
linuxmint 19.1 Error (En) --startvm is an option of the VirtualBox machine executable file (VirtualBoxVM), and not the VirtualBox manager. (Ru) - --startvm является опцией исполняемого файла машины VirtualBox (VirtualBoxVM), а не мнеджера VirtualBox.
Alex dChe
Alex dChe-5 years ago
VBox - v. 6.0.0 r127566 (Qt5.9.5)
GNU / Linux
GNU / Linux-6 years ago
Удобный скрипт. 5+