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Lets you to run command-line commands with the click of a button



Cinnamon Command Launcher

This is a simple multi-instance applet for Cinnamon which allows the user to launch commands as though from a command prompt with the click of a button. Unlike a program launcher, which typically uses a .desktop to launch a program, Command Launcher uses a direct command-line command. This means you can use any command you could use from a terminal (e.g. run a script, launch program with complicated command-line arguments, etc).


  • Users can add as many to the panels as they would like
  • Users can change the command, tooltip and icon (supports fullcolor and symbolic)
  • Users can set a short-cut key to launch the command
  • Option to set the path from which to run the command
  • Option to run with root privileges (password dialog will appear)
  • Option to send Notifications on start and completion of the process

Known issues

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Jeffrey Taffuri
Jeffrey Taffuri-2 years ago
Is there any way to change the icon based on the script you run?
Yaya-Cout-3 years ago
cyrilux-3 years ago
Hello, I regularly use your applet which is very practical and works very well. However, for a command which must close or open an application, for example, this gives an instance with its command and its icon in the dashboard. So I have to create another instance to re-open or close this application and this induces a second instance and a second different icon in the dashboard. Would it be possible then that you would design something that would use two commands in turn, the first and its icon, then the second and its icon replacing the first on the second click. This would avoid using a script that I am not the only one who cannot write. I am well aware that this may be difficult to conceive, if not impossible. What do you think? Thank you. Cyrilux from France
CottonEaster-6 years ago
I should add that I would like it were the problem I identified in another comment to be fixed; because in the meantime I have to reply on the launcher that Cinnamon itself provides, and that launcher is considerably buggy. Perhaps I'll try the rollback of your applet, as suggested on this page by the user called 'rtikw'. (Is there some way to get an email notification when a comment is replied to?)
CottonEaster-6 years ago
Sorry for the (lack of) formatting in the comment below; the website seems not to support formatting.
CottonEaster-6 years ago
This wonderful applet is, as of today, throwing an error when I use it to launch anything. The error is: Error invoking Glib.child_watch_add: Expected function for callback argument function, got null Is this the result (in part) of some library being updated?
rtikw-6 years ago
I'm getting the same problem - I found a temporary fix by rolling back a recent change in the applet JS: ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/commandLauncher@scollins/applet.js Comment out: GLib.child_watch_add(pid, Lang.bind(this, this.onClosed), null); Replace with: GLib.child_watch_add(GLib.PRIORITY_DEFAULT, pid, Lang.bind(this, this.onClosed), null);
CottonEaster-6 years ago
Thanks - perhaps I'll try that.