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Lets you to run command-line commands with the click of a button

Cinnamon Command Launcher

This is a simple multi-instance applet for Cinnamon which allows the user to launch commands as though from a command prompt with the click of a button. Unlike a program launcher, which typically uses a .desktop to launch a program, Command Launcher uses a direct command-line command. This means you can use any command you could use from a terminal (eg run a script, launch program with complicated command-line arguments, etc).


  • Users can add as many to the panels as they would like
  • Users can change the command, tooltip and icon (supports fullcolor and symbolic)
  • Users can set a short-cut key to launch the command
  • Option to set the path from which to run the command
  • Option to run with root priviledges (password dialog will appear)
  • Option to send Notifications on start and completion of the process

Known issues

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