Office Center

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Provides an easy and fast resource for all your office needs



Office Center

Office Center is a feature-rich, cross-platform Cinnamon applet that provides easy access to all of your office programs and documents.


  • Easy to read layout with multiple columns
  • Gives quick access to your office applications
  • Ability to set the panel icon and text (symbolic icons supported)
  • Option to show contents of documents folder
  • Option to Show recent documents
  • Quick keyboard access (default super+o)

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sobmicha-6 months ago
Pretty good, but: 1. Does not display subdirectories (in LMDE) or directories are presented at the bottom - then it should be possible to change. 2. The Documents directory is usually very large. The applet should display (or be able to) the files ordered from the most recent in all subdirectories. That is a flat view. 3. Recent applies to the entire system. It's too much and uncomfortable at the same time. Without these last two options, I might as well use the Start Menu…
Gord-3 years ago
Hi, doesn't work when setting an alternate directory. Using Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon. Worked before on an older box. Update broken?