Graphics Center

by collinss
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Provides an easy and fast resource for all your picture needs

Graphics Center

Graphics Center is a feature-rich, cross-platform Cinnamon applet that provides easy access to all of your graphics programs and images.


  • Easy to read layout with multiple columns
  • Gives quick access to your graphics applications
  • Ability to set the panel icon and text (symbolic icons supported)
  • Option to show contents of pictures folder
  • Option to Show recent documents
  • Quick keyboard access (default super+g)

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ArtGirlUK-1 month ago
Works great on Mint 18.3. Have used this since coming to Linux in May, first on Mint 18.1. Works perfectly, and it's very useful to be able to have quick access to graphics programmes, and to be able to resize scrolled images to very large. Love it. Thanks. :-)