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7 months ago 2020-03-14, 02:37
Last commit: [5f603354] more python -> python3 fixes for the feedparser (#2911)

Displays RSS news feeds




Cinnamon applet for fetching and displaying RSS feeds


If not already installed by your distribution, install the python feedparser library. E.g. using pip:

sudo pip install feedparser


The latest stable release can be installed from

Alternatively you can clone this repository directly into the following location

cd ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets
git clone https://github.com/jonbrett/cinnamon-feeds-applet.git feeds@jonbrettdev.wordpress.com

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psecdocumentary-3 months ago
It doesn't seem to work for me. I click on the notification, nothing happens. There is no way to access the list of new RSS Feed entries, much less click to be able to load it in the browser. I am testing this on Linux Mint v19.3 Cinnamon 64-bit.
Arthur Aivazov
Arthur Aivazov-1 year ago
Great app, thanks!
Knezev-2 years ago
feed works extra :), I'd like you to add option does not delete feed when i click open, but there is a separate option "clear all feed"
Visnu Pritom Chowdhury
Great app, thanks!
Tim Puckett
Tim Puckett-3 years ago
New feeds saved do not display, reverts back to LinuxMint feeds only. Tried many different feeds and none would display news items after being saved.