System Tray Collapsible

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Expandable/Collapsible System Tray Applet



This is a fork of the original Cinnamon System Tray applet, but Expandable/Collapsible

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Dominik Radic
Dominik Radic-9 months ago
It only hides 2 icons on my system.
unalignedcoder-1 year ago
I find it unusable. It only worked a little bit the first time I used it. Showed some of the icons, but not all. After I disabled System Tray and XApp Status Applet (as advised by the developer) it ceased to work. Restarting Cinnamon multiple times didn't solve the problem. Furthermore, it does not show the 'expand' and 'collapse' icons it purports to have. It is only identifiable by a tiny empty space on the panel. Will monitor for future developments. Hopefully it can be made to work properly.
SameytheHedgehog-2 years ago
Would be really cool if it supported the vertical panel. :(
mixaso-5 years ago
You created a great applet, he worked fine on Ubuntu 16 Please adjust it to Ubuntu 18. ThnxU!
Great idea! Hopefully the next version will work in vertical panel.