Window List With App Grouping

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Window List with App Grouping an Window Thumbnails

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Peter Curtis
Peter Curtis-4 weeks ago
The following reproduces the last comment on earlier version of this web site from piiit 4 months ago.

If you have Mint 18.1 and Cinnamon 3.2 do not use this applet! It causes panel freezes and right-click menu issues, as described partly in [1]. A perfect replacement is the "Icing Task Manager" applet, see [2].



I have found the same and it seems jake-phy only finds time intermittently to work on what was an excellent applet which I used for many years - I hope he will see this, take note and possibly respond.

I concur that the "Icing Task Manager" applet by jaszhix, who has forked and continued the development, is a perfect replacement.

I would be lost without one of these applets.