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Window List with App Grouping an Window Thumbnails

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Padre2-3 months ago
In the list of installed applets there is one with the name Grouped window list. If this name is searched for in the Cinnamon Spices page there is no result. It is necessary to look through the list of applets and to find Window List With App Grouping - presumably the same applet. If so, please fix the naming so that Search works.
T0MuX-1 year ago
Hi, it doesn't work with Cinnamon 4.0.10
Ahmed Hosny
Ahmed Hosny-2 years ago
Worked perfectly, using Cinnamon 2.8.6 on Ubuntu 16.04.
Sebastian Gonzalez
Sebastian Gonzalez-2 years ago
I'm new trying linux mint, I discovered this applets not so long ago but it seriously needs to be upgraded because it doesn't work properly with cinamon 3.4.3. How can I make it work with the latest version of cinamon?
feminism is cancer
feminism is cancer-2 years ago
why there's no 'close all windows' button after all these years still baffles me. someone added the code in the old github but now it's lost. all i'm missing is one line of code but i don't have the know-how to figure it out on my own. _onCloseAllWindowsActivate: function (actor, event) { this. ??? .delete(global.get_current_time()); //this.destroy();
NikoKrause-2 years ago
This applet is compatible for Cinnamon 3.0 or minor. For Cinnamon 3.2+ please use the fork Icing Task Manager.
Guido Rebert
Guido Rebert-3 years ago
would be better that middle click closes the window, as original window applet, instead of open a new one!
Please update for Mint 18.2
Mark Arnold
Mark Arnold-3 years ago
Does not seem to work properly in LinuxMint18.2 (Cinnamon 3.4.4). It does group windows with the same title, but hovering over or clicking the respective button does not do anything. It is not possible to switch to those windows using the window list.
b-3 years ago
Mark Arnold
Mark Arnold-3 years ago
Peek on hover is no longer working either for me with Cinnamon 3.4.4
Peter Curtis
Peter Curtis-3 years ago
The following reproduces the last comment on earlier version of this web site from piiit 4 months ago. If you have Mint 18.1 and Cinnamon 3.2 do not use this applet! It causes panel freezes and right-click menu issues, as described partly in [1]. A perfect replacement is the "Icing Task Manager" applet, see [2]. [1] [2] ==================================== I have found the same and it seems jake-phy only finds time intermittently to work on what was an excellent applet which I used for many years - I hope he will see this, take note and possibly respond. I concur that the "Icing Task Manager" applet by jaszhix, who has forked and continued the development, is a perfect replacement. I would be lost without one of these applets.
LinuxOnTheDesktop-10 months ago
The Icing applet no longer exists. An applet called 'Grouped Window list' does exist. Indeed it is built into Mint 19. (That inbuilt applet is not identical to the 'Window List with App Grouping. It is getting a bit Life of Brian - 'People's Front of Judea', etc. - here.) Grouped Window List is good and it is great that it is built into Mint now. However . . the maintainer of Grouped Window List has left Mint (acrimoniously), leaving several prominent bugs unfixed. I reported one such bug on Cinnamon tracker but my report ( is being ignored.