Disk Utilization

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1 month ago 2019-10-25, 05:22 UTC
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Shows the current max disk I/O utilization in the panel and per device utilization in a popup menu.

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ctrlesc-2 years ago
The applet has been updated to handle the new output from Sysstat 11.6.1.
Hello I would like to tell you about a bug in the Cinnamon Disk-Utilization applet. Distribution Debian Sid Cinnamon 3.2.7 Once installed, it does not work. Dependency Sysstat installed. No way to have the context menu to see the use of the disks. And the percentage remains locked to zero. But the applet works perfectly on my ArchLinux Cinnamon 3.4.2-1 The applet is not compatible with Cinnamon 3.2. ?? Or I miss the outbuildings. ?? Thank You