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7 months ago 2021-04-04, 13:07
Last commit: [c91aaafa] Hungarian translation and update for some previous translations for Cinnamon spices applets (#3718)

click to show/hide desktop, scroll to switch workspace and windows quick list by right click

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J-Praamsma-11 months ago
I'm using Cinnamon Mint 18.3 and it says the applet won't load.
Lowrida-2 years ago
I got an error in Cinnamon Mint 19.1 "Assignment to undeclared variable TL_Dot"
Mintulix-1 year ago
Latest version of this applet should have no more error entries in looking glass / melange.
Ivo Andonov
Ivo Andonov-2 years ago
Works perfectly so far. But I actually needed it because of the ability to have a user icon which I just did: :D
Daniel Rios
Daniel Rios-3 years ago
On Mint 19, when click with right mouse button, it does not show opened windows, only "Workspace 1" and "Expo" button.
minyaen-3 years ago
Nice functionality. Works well.
Steve Murphy
Steve Murphy-4 years ago
Great multi-functional applet. Particularly like the mouseover to peek at the desktop and the open windows quick list.