Drawer (show/hide applets)

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1 month ago 2018-02-24, 09:13 UTC
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hide a few applet to have a neater panel, and make them show up again by a click

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Gaëtan Le Gac
Gaëtan Le Gac-3 months ago
Very usefull, thanks a lot mate ! Anyone can tell me which theme/icons he is using on the screen please ?
Sample Text
Sample Text-4 months ago
Really nice addon for small screens like mine, thanks!
Daniel Nielsen
Daniel Nielsen-4 months ago
Really love this works perfect.
kyphi-9 months ago
When show/hide applet is installed in Linux Mint 18.2, it reduces the Update Manager icon in size. Moving another applet in panel edit mode restores the Update Manager icon to its full size until panel edit mode is switched off. This occurs only with this particular applet. Apart from that it works fine. Thank you.
Dimytri Komanatov
Dimytri Komanatov-9 months ago
Same issue as Simon. Love the idea but can't find how/where to add apps to this.
Use panel edit mode and drag the drawer icon to the right of any apps you wish to keep hidden. When you stop panel edit mode it will collapse all items to the left of the icon.
Simon Plaistowe
Simon Plaistowe-9 months ago
How do you hide applets with this? I see no way to do it. I've tried dragging them onto this applet and I've looked for a configurable list in the settings. What am I missing?