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hide a few applet to have a neater panel, and make them show up again by a click

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tuxfanmatze-3 weeks ago
Its the only tray icon hide applet that works with Mint 21.3, Cinnamon 6.0.4, Kernel 6.5.0-35-generic (Ubuntu HWE edge Kernel). All the other 3 "tray icon hide" applets like "collapsible tray icon" etc. do not work unfortunately, I just made a test to verify.
Mustafa Anwaruddin Ansari
Works perfectly on Mint 21 (Cinnamon). Awesome work Muhammad :)
unalignedcoder-11 months ago
Works in Mint 21, as far as I can tell. Unfortunately you cannot really pick and choose which program icons can be visible. It's either all, or none. Still, you can pick and choose which applet icons are hidden. It's something.
José Luis Gómez T
José Luis Gómez T-11 months ago
It's not working on Linux Mint Linux Mint 21.1 with Cinnamon 5.6.8. It used to work great in older versions and did the job very well. Any workaround or any log that I can send to help the implementation?
tuxfanmatze-1 year ago
Addition: The configuration is not like "Collabsibe Systray", where each app can be taken in or out individually, but in the bar edit mode it can be moved to an "almost" arbitrary position, from which then left of it all tray icons are hidden. But this serves its purpose especially for notebooks. Thanks again for this applet!
tuxfanmatze-1 year ago
Thanks for this helpfull App! Now, Todaay I recognized, however it works with LM 21.1, Cinnamon 5.6.7, with all Updates installed. First it doesn't work in LM 21.0 and 21.1, everytime the Cinnamon Desktop restarted. I tried it as a replacement for the also since Mint 21.x not working Applet "Collapsible Systray", which still works with Mint 20.x.
richo-1 year ago
muchas gracias, me encanta. (Thank you very much, I love it).
Michael Freeman
Michael Freeman-1 year ago
It used to work great in Linux Mint 20.x, but it doesn't work in Linux Mint 21. :(
Lucas Moreno
Lucas Moreno-1 year ago
Thanks! Awesome! LM 20.3
Juan-Lutz-2 years ago
Works!, excellent applets. Thank you so much to publish it. System LM 20.3 Cinnamon 5.2.7
Vulcanraven-3 years ago
Works very well on Manjaro 5.11.10-1, Cinnamon 4.8.6-1, Thank you!
gggirlgeek-3 years ago
Refuses to work for me on Mint Cinn 20.10. Tried installing collapsible system tray, and tried moving this applet to the right of all my system tray icons. Nothing happened. Doesn't work on the side panels either. "Hideable applets" works great though!
Nik-3 years ago
Well, this still works pretty much as intended for me, using a normal Mint setup, no custom systray. (I'm on Mint 20.1, Cinnamon 4.8.6, kernel: 5.4) However, since it's function is based on what's on the Left-side of it's placement, it has rather limited use-scenarios, kinda requires us to layout the taskbar a specific way. It hides/expands icons to the Left of it, so if you use a weather-applet, you have to carefully consider where things are placed if you don't want that hidden too. heh My suggestion, please add a Left/Right toggle in the configuration menu. This way we could choose which side/direction it hides stuff. Personally, I would prefer to use this on the far-right side of my panel, and have it hide things to the Right of it, so I can expand from that side instead of having it hide things from the left side of those icons. Also, for people who use the panel/taskbar along the Left or Right sides of the screen, instead of top or bottom, it would be VERY useful if the Left/Right toggle option I suggested, could also auto-detect the bar being in a vertical orientation, and switch to being Up/Down, for those situations. ;)
moloch1994-3 years ago
Doesn't work with regular System Tray, only with Collapsible Systray. With the regular one, it hides the status icons, but if the tray is to the left of it, it won't open. Obviously with collapsible you then have two layers to open or, if you don't hide any apps in it, you're gonna have to have that pencil icon there, which is annoying.
SonephetR2-4 years ago
Works perfectly on my Mint 19.3 setup. Really nice! One very minor hassle: the method of clicking and dragging icons doesn't work with the Flameshot icon as clicking on it triggers a screen capture.
rdlf4-4 years ago
Yeah, this Cinnamon applet is begging for an update. It doesn't work on Mint 19.1. I've tried leaving my systray icons to the left of the drawer icon, enabled Panel Edit mode and dragged the arrow icon to the right of the systray ones, but nothing happens. I also posted a thread about this issue on GitHub.
moloch1994-3 years ago
In my experience it only works with Collapsible Systray. The regular one prevents it from opening for some reason. I'm on Mint 19.3.
Lowrida-4 years ago
Does not work on Mint 19.2 Cinnamon. Error: -------------> (cinnamon:2011): Cjs-WARNING **: 15:48:48.027: JS ERROR: ReferenceError: assignment to undeclared variable j anonymous/MyApplet.prototype.doAction@/home/admin/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/show-hide-applets@mohammad-sn/applet.js:159:1 anonymous/MyApplet.prototype.on_applet_clicked@/home/admin/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/show-hide-applets@mohammad-sn/applet.js:131:9 _onButtonPressEvent@/usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/applet.js:279:13 ------------->
SantaFe88-4 years ago
In Cinnamon 4.0.10, all I get are the options click boxes, no show/hide applets, highlight, remove or the last Buttons. Thus I can't hide any applets. Bummer.
PieFaceThrowsPie-4 years ago
Super useful, works great! I have one minor suggestion: my panel is vertical (on the left side of the screen), and this applet works as intended, but it would be nice to have the option to have the arrow icon point up or down, instead of left and right as it normally is
PizzaDude-5 years ago
I like this applet. Thanks for making it.
Gorom-5 years ago
Hello Thank you for this nice applet. I ve managed to hide some icons but it doesn't work when i try with the systray. Regards
samuelsa02-6 years ago
Not working on Cinnamon 3.8.0
Gaëtan Le Gac
Gaëtan Le Gac-6 years ago
Very usefull, thanks a lot mate ! Anyone can tell me which theme/icons he is using on the screen please ?
Sample Text
Sample Text-6 years ago
Really nice addon for small screens like mine, thanks!
Daniel Nielsen
Daniel Nielsen-6 years ago
Really love this works perfect.
kyphi-6 years ago
When show/hide applet is installed in Linux Mint 18.2, it reduces the Update Manager icon in size. Moving another applet in panel edit mode restores the Update Manager icon to its full size until panel edit mode is switched off. This occurs only with this particular applet. Apart from that it works fine. Thank you.
Dimytri Komanatov
Dimytri Komanatov-6 years ago
Same issue as Simon. Love the idea but can't find how/where to add apps to this.
Use panel edit mode and drag the drawer icon to the right of any apps you wish to keep hidden. When you stop panel edit mode it will collapse all items to the left of the icon.
Simon Plaistowe
Simon Plaistowe-6 years ago
How do you hide applets with this? I see no way to do it. I've tried dragging them onto this applet and I've looked for a configurable list in the settings. What am I missing?