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View your local weather forecast


Adaptation of Gnome Shell's weather extension for the Cinnamon desktop.

cinnamon-weather uses Semantic Versioning. For the current version number, see metadata.json.


For compatibility with Cinnamon 1.7 or earlier, use an archived version.


Right-click to access cinnamon-settings -> Applets -> Configure.

Mailing list


Fedora 19 "Schrödinger's Cat"

A bug in this release prevents the applet from loading. See the link for the fix.

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jpcusumano-1 month ago
A clarification: the button is set to direct to This link does not work, at least from where I am in the US.
jpcusumano-1 month ago
The button that's supposed to take you to the web is broken: right now it tries to go to, but hangs. It would be nice to fixe that, but It would be even better if we could select our own URL to be activated by that button.
poliltimmy-1 month ago
Blank page when trying to access
Pieter Wycoff
Pieter Wycoff-2 months ago
Very nice. Works great!
Bora Ön
Bora Ön-2 months ago
Good, no bug at Cinnamon 3.2.
Clement Lefebvre
Clement Lefebvre-2 months ago
One of the best applets available.