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View your local weather forecast




Adaptation of Gnome Shell's weather extension for the Cinnamon desktop.

cinnamon-weather uses Semantic Versioning. For the current version number, see metadata.json.


For compatibility with Cinnamon 1.7 or earlier, use an archived version.


Right-click to access cinnamon-settings -> Applets -> Configure.

Mailing list


Fedora 19 "Schrödinger's Cat"

A bug in this release prevents the applet from loading. See the link for the fix.

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neatpetec-6 days ago
Decided I can do without Oath(Yahoo). only to find Weather app uses yahoo(oath). Why is there no settings feature where you can select which search engine your comfortable with? The lengths these so&so;'s will go to get your data. There's a word for them and it isn't nice.
invexx-2 months ago
Very useful. Unfortunately, the current temperature in a vertical panel isn't shown.
hankharkin-4 months ago
I'm having the same problem as mfreeman72. It was working fine, but now the readout is for Seattle and I live in Utah. When I click on the city name it does open up the webpage for Provo, UT though, which is correct.
mfreeman72-4 months ago
This applet was working fine up to this point, but suddenly it's giving me the forecast for New York instead of my city (Fresno, CA). The WOEID I have entered for Fresno is correct, and again, it was working fine before. I didn't make any changes. What could be happening?
Hilyx-4 months ago
The best applet. Works fine. Thank you.
Fonstw-5 months ago
10/10 no problems see my wheather from the panel this is a must have for anyone living in the Netherlands or UK
Fonstw-5 months ago
weather* of course I do have one minor point; I am not sure what "translate condition" does nor what its use is, is seems to capitalize some weather condition names although I am not entirely sure.
franckmee-8 months ago
Hello, it seems there's a bug here in France: atmospheric pressure is given as 33728 mbar, 996 in.hg, etc., today in Angoulême. My guess is the app thinks pressure information is given in in.HG, but in France (tested with Angoulême and Paris) it gets a hPa value and so displays a value that's 33 times what it should be. Thanks, have a nice day!
Ezerbeth-8 months ago
Right-click configure = crash report opens, and app does nothing. impossible to configure.
ichnaton-10 months ago
Would it be possible to add the "Beaufort" wind speed unit. I know we have knots, mph, m/s and kph, but Beaufort is the most used in the Netherlands. Actually, it's the only one we Dutch actually understand.
pepstu-2 weeks ago
The Beaufort scale is not a unit that indicates wind speed. It indicates wind force (kg per square meter averaged over 10 minutes). So adding Beaufort as a wind speed unit would be incorrect, but it would be nice to see Beaufort/wind force added.
Fonstw-5 months ago
This is a good point, Beaufort scale is often given on Dutch television news channels, although I personally prefer kph this is still a very good suggestion!
zip9-10 months ago
Applet works fine, except am seeing the same link issue as Stretch Man. Deleting the first characters including the asterisk works.... Thanks again for this useful applet!
Cevad OZTUG-11 months ago
Same problem as Bora Ön. The foreecast starts from yesterday or the day before. So all the data becomes questionable. Any suggestions? Bora Ön - 1 month ago - Reply I don't know why, but for the last couple of days it started to show from the day before. I mean, if it is monday, it lists the weather starting from sunday. Any help?
Band1to-11 months ago
Awesome ! - Works great!
ArtGirlUK-1 year ago
Works great on Mint 18.3; like that number of days can be chosen, and it looks great on the panel bar. Thanks. :-)
Vasilis K.
Vasilis K.-1 year ago
The city button is set to direct to This link does not work. Fix it please. Far from that, great app.
Mehmet Özgür Bayhan
Could be perfect if it shows the 3 day weathercast
Gabriel Borges
Gabriel Borges-1 year ago
I've upgraded to Cinnamon 3.6.5 and I still can't use this applet. It would be great to get this applet back working, since it's very useful!
Gabriel Borges
Gabriel Borges-1 year ago
I used this theme in Cinnamon 2.8. After upgrading to Cinnamon 3.6.3 when I right click it and select "Configure", it does nothing.
Hilyx-1 year ago
Essential...Great work
Stefan Reichelt
Stefan Reichelt-1 year ago
Had the same problem for a week now (only realized it today though). See about updating the applet. I've used it for years and apparently the applet changed quite a bit over time. It also uses a different source for the WOID codes.
Lvaskz-1 year ago
same problem, just loading and it never run
Tan Quach
Tan Quach-1 year ago
I have the same issue with it being stuck on the loading, but I don't think it's an issue with the applet. I dug around the code and pulled the URL it uses to get the data back from yahoo api's and tried to get the data back through a browser. I don't get any response back from the yahoo api, it eventually times out, so it looks like there may be an issue with yahoo apis that's causing the problem.
Zverko Veselic
Zverko Veselic-1 year ago
Stuck in "Loading" forever :( The only reason I can come up with is because I need to use a proxy to get to the internet. The proxy is configured as the usual Gnome proxy, but maybe the applet isn't respecting this...
Bora Ön
Bora Ön-1 year ago
I don't know why, but for the last couple of days it started to show from the day before. I mean, if it is monday, it lists the weather starting from sunday. Any help?
zboraon-8 months ago
this issue has been solved after winter time ends. this should be aproblem of turkey, since for the last 2 years in turkey we dont use winter time.
adtofaust-1 year ago
Unfortunately it doesn't work with vertical panels.
Bob Alexander
Bob Alexander-1 year ago
Love This Applet! Is there any way to change the fonts or color of the fonts? Thanks.
Kaminata Net
Kaminata Net-1 year ago
Please, give us the option for switching to color icons in the panel or provide me a link to download and replace them. Thank you :)
jpcusumano-1 year ago
A clarification: the button is set to direct to This link does not work, at least from where I am in the US.
jpcusumano-1 year ago
The button that's supposed to take you to the web is broken: right now it tries to go to, but hangs. It would be nice to fixe that, but It would be even better if we could select our own URL to be activated by that button.
poliltimmy-1 year ago
Blank page when trying to access
Pieter Wycoff
Pieter Wycoff-1 year ago
Very nice. Works great!
Bora Ön
Bora Ön-1 year ago
Good, no bug at Cinnamon 3.2.
Clement Lefebvre
Clement Lefebvre-1 year ago
One of the best applets available.