Session Manager

by collinss
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Provides easy access to shut down, restart, etc

Session Manager

Session Manager is an applet that provides easy access to session controls such as shut down, restart, log off, switch user, etc. It has been tested in Arch, Fedora and Linux Mint, and supports a wide variety of software configurations. If your particular configuration is not supported, please submit a feature request on github, and I will add it at my earliest convenience.


  • Option to set both the panel text and icon (supports both full-color and symbolic icons)
  • Ability to change the icon size in the menu
  • Supports multiple display managers (login screen):
    • MDM
    • GDM
    • LightDM
    • LXDM
  • Supports multiple session tools:
    • Consolekit
    • Upower
    • Systemd

Known issues

  • Currently uses some synchronous calls. In practice this doesn't cause any issues, but it does cause this applet to be flagged in applet settings as 'dangerous'.

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Lvaskz-3 weeks ago
hi, can you translate to spanish ? it seems this applet can not recongnize the laguage system
Richard Gordon
Richard Gordon-3 months ago
There is something wrong. Can't install. Getting error messages saying "contact developer". Linux Mint 18.2. Please help resolve this!
NikoKrause-1 month ago
Please make sure your applet version is up to date by hitting the »Refresh list« button and applying all updates.
Richard Gordon
Richard Gordon-3 months ago
Could you please include installation instructions? When I upgraded my distro I lost this applet and I can't recall how to install. Thanks!
Richard Gordon
Richard Gordon-3 months ago
Very cool applet! I add it to right side of my panel. Fantastic design!
Stan Cooper
Stan Cooper-5 months ago
On my Mint system this shows a 'sleep' option. What is that if it is neither suspend or hibernate (which also appear?)