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3 months ago 2021-07-20, 13:12
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Use the color picker to select a color on the screen. The color value (HEX or RGB) will be copied to the clipboard.



Click on the applet, then click on a pixel, its color will be automatically copied to the clipboard.

Required Packages:

sudo apt-get install xclip python3-xlib

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Alexis Boni
Alexis Boni-3 weeks ago
This is porbably my most used applet. It's amazing. Thank you!
Minessota Klei
Minessota Klei-2 months ago
The applet is wonderful, very good indeed!
Emmanuel Bustos Torres
Nice applet. It should zoom in the area to be more precise though. Like deepin-picker for example.
muratsalikk-1 year ago
excellent applet
Das Jott
Das Jott-1 year ago
Running my screen on full resolution and HiDPI setting, I get weird color values. Mostly it's #000000 but there are some grayscales and even colors. But never the correct color...
someone1233-1 year ago
+1 for an option to copy the hex code without the "#" symbol !
Michael Scheper
Michael Scheper-2 years ago
Just installed it on Cinnamon 3.8.9 under Mint 19, with all three dependent packages installed. No matter what I click, it reports the colour as black (#000000). Ideas?
Das Jott
Das Jott-1 year ago
Are you running your screen in HiDPI? I was switching to HiDPI and am experience this exact issue since.
Naud van Dalen
Naud van Dalen-3 years ago
What kind of clipboard does this app use? I can't paste it in PhpStorm, but I can paste it anywhere else and copy it again in order to paste it into PhpStorm. I don't know much about the Linux clipboard system. Only that there's a normal clipboard and a middle mouse click clipboard that copies whatever you select.
Daniel Upshaw
Daniel Upshaw-2 years ago
I've run into this exact strange issue... Have to paste anywhere else, then copy again in order to paste into PHPStorm... The applet uses xsel, it seems... Some of these Google results may be related: But I've not found a solution yet... Did you ever find a solution?
NikoKrause-2 years ago
I have replaced xsel with xclip. This should fix the issue with PhpStorm.
Robert Orzanna
Robert Orzanna-3 years ago
Excellent applet! I would only make the icon a bit smaller to better fit its appearance into the panel.
Landy DeField
Landy DeField-3 years ago
For those using Cinnamon but not Mint or a .deb based OS Arch pacman -S python2-xlib python2-numpy Using Pip installer with python3.x as the default and python2.x installed $ sudo python2 -m pip install python-xlib $ sudo python2 -m pip install numpy
Landy DeField
Landy DeField-3 years ago
Hmm.. Arch $ sudo pacman -S python2-xlib python2-numpy
Peyu Yovev
Peyu Yovev-3 years ago
It's a very nice and useful applet. Working like a charm. I just have one suggestion: Please, add an option to copy hex code without "#" symbol.
w4r0-1 year ago
I second this.
Jokko Vitch
Jokko Vitch-3 years ago
Works fine on Mint 18.2 X64. Very handy tool :)
Marko-4 years ago
It's not working properly on Mint 18.2 (Cinnamon - 32bit). It don't save the clolor codes. Indeed, using CopyQ, after pick a color you cannot find the color code in history.
NikoKrause-3 years ago
I tried to improve it a bit. The description was missing a required package: »python-numpy« During color picking the cursor changes now to a crosshair and a notification with the selected color pops up.
Val Di Castello
Val Di Castello-3 years ago
Thank you for reply. Now it works fine. Yes, I guess I missed the python-numpy package at the very first install. Regards