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Use the color picker to select a color on the screen. The color value (HEX or RGB) will be copied to the clipboard.



Click on the applet, then click on a pixel, its color will be automatically copied to the clipboard.

Required Packages:

sudo apt-get install xsel python-xlib python-numpy

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Naud van Dalen
Naud van Dalen-7 months ago
What kind of clipboard does this app use? I can't paste it in PhpStorm, but I can paste it anywhere else and copy it again in order to paste it into PhpStorm. I don't know much about the Linux clipboard system. Only that there's a normal clipboard and a middle mouse click clipboard that copies whatever you select.
Robert Orzanna
Robert Orzanna-9 months ago
Excellent applet! I would only make the icon a bit smaller to better fit its appearance into the panel.
Landy DeField
Landy DeField-10 months ago
For those using Cinnamon but not Mint or a .deb based OS Arch pacman -S python2-xlib python2-numpy Using Pip installer with python3.x as the default and python2.x installed $ sudo python2 -m pip install python-xlib $ sudo python2 -m pip install numpy
Landy DeField
Landy DeField-10 months ago
Hmm.. Arch $ sudo pacman -S python2-xlib python2-numpy
Peyu Yovev
Peyu Yovev-10 months ago
It's a very nice and useful applet. Working like a charm. I just have one suggestion: Please, add an option to copy hex code without "#" symbol.
Jokko Vitch
Jokko Vitch-11 months ago
Works fine on Mint 18.2 X64. Very handy tool :)
Marko-1 year ago
It's not working properly on Mint 18.2 (Cinnamon - 32bit). It don't save the clolor codes. Indeed, using CopyQ, after pick a color you cannot find the color code in history.
NikoKrause-11 months ago
I tried to improve it a bit. The description was missing a required package: »python-numpy« During color picking the cursor changes now to a crosshair and a notification with the selected color pops up.
Val Di Castello
Val Di Castello-9 months ago
Thank you for reply. Now it works fine. Yes, I guess I missed the python-numpy package at the very first install. Regards