Local IPs

UUID: localip@mrieracrespi
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3 weeks ago 2023-05-11, 12:56
Last commit: [0bc94d15] French translations for several applets (#4847)

Shows local IP addresses.

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pianycist-4 years ago
This applet is not loading at all in Cinnamon 3.8.9. It was working fully on LM 18.3. Upgrading to LM 19 seems to have broken it.
Richard Gelderblom
Richard Gelderblom-5 years ago
Gives an error in LM 18.2 Fully updated. error t=2017-09-05T20:34:23.138Z [Applet "localip@mrieracrespi"]: Error importing applet.js from localip@mrieracrespi error t=2017-09-05T20:34:23.138Z Could not load applet localip@mrieracrespi
NikoKrause-5 years ago
Fixed for LM 18.2 (Cinnamon 3.4)