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Menu applet for starting scripts

Script Menu applet

This is script menu applet for starting scripts.

Script menu and configure dialog

![Script menu and configure dialog]( "Script menu and configure dialog")

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2 years ago
1essor1, you can use gksu or gksudo in your script.
2 years ago
How to execute bash scripts in this menu as root? Where can i write root password? There is no any window appears
2 years ago
pakman, thank's!
2 years ago
Nice, but needs the patch below to be really useful. Without it, if there is a symlink in the .scripts-applet directory the applet cannot show its menu at all.

@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@
let dirs = [];
let files = [];

- let enumerator= currentDir.enumerate_children('standard::type', Gio.FileQueryInfoFlags.NONE, null);
+ let enumerator= currentDir.enumerate_children('standard::type', Gio.FileQueryInfoFlags.NOFOLLOW_SYMLINKS, null);
let file;

while ((file = enumerator.next_file(null)) != null) {
3 years ago
simple and useful, easy to tweak,
Thanks for your work!