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Menu applet for starting scripts



Script Menu applet

This is script menu applet for starting scripts.

Script menu and configure dialog

![Script menu and configure dialog]( "Script menu and configure dialog")

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Stéphane Lorrain
Stéphane Lorrain-1 month ago
Arrow keys works in the menu, great! However when I press enter on a menu item, it does nothing.
Marcel Veldhuizen
Marcel Veldhuizen-3 months ago
Still using it every day for backup, viewing log files, ripping DVD's, show IP addresses, view webcams, etc.
I33Buckler-2 years ago
Great applet. A useful feature would be the ability to configure the default behaviour on a per script basis. For example there are some scripts that I would like to Execute Silently while some are Execute in Terminal. It is not obvious how to configure that in the applet. Though a simple solution is to have separate instances of the applet for terminal execution and silent execution.
Marcel V
Marcel V-2 years ago
Good applet. This should be in the standard Cinnamon. Thank you, Pau Capó!
vagrale13-3 years ago
How can remove to icon (gears) without other icon ?
renbag-4 years ago
Great applet, thank you! Can be used as a replacement for sshplus.
PilDIm-5 years ago
Очень удобно для разных задач! server (doker) Sound bluetooth <-> speaker ....
Marek-5 years ago
Genialny applet, pozwala czytelnie pogrupować w podfolderach skrypty w dowolnie wybranym miejscu na dysku i bajecznie łatwo je wywoływać z traya.
Reaw-7 years ago
Works great, and can be very useful for advanced shortcuts :)