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UUID: sticky@scollins
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2 weeks ago 2018-09-06, 16:24 UTC
Last commit: [86703c4d] sticky@scollins: fix undeclared variable issue causing new note to fail with the default theme is set to random

Applet that allows you to manage desktop notes



Sticky Notes applet

This applet is designed to be a simple, quick, and easy-to-use note utility. While there is some customization available, the emphasis is on making it feel as smooth and easy to use as possible.


  • Two types of notes: standard text and checklist
  • Optional titles
  • Notes can be resized
  • Colors can be selected on a per-note basis
  • Notes can be displayed on top of windows, underneath windows, or hidden altogether
  • Copy/Paste supported
  • All notes can be backed up to a file

Known issues

  • Occasionally intercepts clicks through windows
  • Pinning is slightly buggy

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YarnSeemannsgarn-22 hours ago
Linux Mint Cinnamon 18.3: I sometimes connect another display to my laptop. When i disconnect it again, the notes are not visible, because they got repositioned. May be because the resolution of my laptop changes during the connection and disconnection. Anyway, I wrote a short Python script to reposition my notes. I also added a launcher to reposition them on click:
ChooChooAl-1 week ago
Linux Mint Cinnamon 18.3: Font size does not seem to work. Cinnamon 3.6.7
Thadeu Penna
Thadeu Penna-7 months ago
I have a symbolic link from Dropbox/Google Drive to .cinnamon/configs/sticky@scollins/sticky@scollins.json so I can synchronize notes on different machines. It works nicely but I have to restart Cinnamon, using another applet, to update them at each machine. I have found that dbus-send --session --dest=org.Cinnamon.LookingGlass --type=method_call /org/Cinnamon/LookingGlass org.Cinnamon.LookingGlass.ReloadExtension string:'EXTENSION_UUID' string:'APPLET' could reload the applet, but I could not realize what EXTENSION_UUID is for Sticky Notes. I vote +1 for this feature to be added to the next version.
claudiux-5 months ago
The EXTENSION_UUID is the content of the uuid field in the metadata.json file. For Sticky Notes, this is: sticky@scollins
lucasc84-6 months ago
that could be a temporary workaround (i'll try it). But it would be great to have it as a feature on the applet
lucasc84-7 months ago
Great applet! i Have a question/suggestion: ¿Is it possible to change the config folder (or select another notes file) so i can point to a dropbox folder and synchronize notes on my differents pcs?
Siamak Shakibaee
Siamak Shakibaee-9 months ago
can't copy/paste in sticky notes mint applet
Stephen Collins
Stephen Collins-9 months ago
Could you please open an issue on Github? Troubleshooting an issue is very difficult here in the comments section. You can get there by clicking the website button above.
wisdomlight-9 months ago
I downloaded on the 9th of december 2017 to extracted but seems not to work. cheers
Kamala Kannan
Kamala Kannan-9 months ago
Hi, I thank you for creating such an useful applet. I would like to suggest that if the theme colors were represented in the menu in small square or circle adjacent to the name of the colors, it would be easy to choose. Else, one has to apply and see every color before settling for one. So, I request you to add the color icons next to the color names for easy usage of the applet. Thanks in advance!
Stephen Collins
Stephen Collins-9 months ago
Good idea! I'll look into it.
Dima Reut
Dima Reut-10 months ago
Hi, I'm using Mint 18.2 Сinnamon, and I`m beginner in linux. How can I install Stickynotes?
Stephen Collins
Stephen Collins-10 months ago
Dima, the easiest (and best) way is through applet settings. You can find it in the main menu under preferences or right click a blank space on the panel and select "Add applets to the panel". When the window opens, select the download tab, find the applet, and select download. Then go back to the first tab, select the applet and then click the add button. The applet should then appear on your panel.
jean noel clement
jean noel clement-10 months ago
Hi, I'm using Mint 18.2 Mate and Stickynotes doesn't save my notes. They are all gone after reboot. Is there anything I could try to fix this issue ?
Stephen Collins
Stephen Collins-10 months ago
Hi, you said that you are using the Mate edition of Mint rather than Cinnamon, so I just want to clarify that this applet only works in Cinnamon before I go any further. So the first thing we want to find out is if the notes are being saved to begin with. To do this create a new note, add some text, and then look at the contents of the file `~/.cinnamon/configs/sticky@scollins/sticky@scollins.json` to see if the text appears there (it will probably be near the bottom). Next, check `~/.xsession-errors` and `~/.cinnamon/glass.log` to see if there are any related errors and then pastebin them here or in a new issue on Github (Github is preferable if you can). Additional information that might be helpful is if you are using more than one monitor, any unusual hardware or software configurations, etc.
jean noel clement
jean noel clement-10 months ago
Thanks for your reply. Yes using Mate and Sticky Notes worked very well with previous versions of Mint Mate. It is available from the 'Add to Panel' dialogue box. I've just done an update to Mint and selected 'applets update' and now notes are being saved.
Jhon Monrroy
Jhon Monrroy-10 months ago
Hi Collins, can you tell me how to change background color to yellow? is possible add a new color? i have Mint 18.2 with cinnamon 3.4.6, regards
Stephen Collins
Stephen Collins-10 months ago
Ok, I just added a yellow note. I can't guarantee it actually looks any good ;) I'm not great at making things look good. If you don't like how it looks (or any of the other colors either) feel free to make some adjustments to the file and submit as a pull request. (the yellow stuff is at the end of the file)
Jhon Monrroy
Jhon Monrroy-10 months ago
thanks my friend, the new yellow color is perfect to me, regards...
Stephen Collins
Stephen Collins-10 months ago
The sticky notes don't currently have a yellow note, but it wouldn't be too hard to add one. The hardest part is getting all the shades right so they look good together and everything is still readable. I'll play around with it and see what I can come up with.
Stephen Collins
Stephen Collins-10 months ago
I just fixed a couple of issues recently. One was causing it to not add new notes when there was only a vertical panel present. The other is a text focus issue that has been plaguing me for a while where the notes would become unresponsive at times. Hopefully that fixes the issues mentioned. I also added a new templates feature where you can create a note and then save it as a template to create duplicates at will. This will be particularly useful for the checklist notes (for recurring task list and such), but it can be used for regular notes as well. I haven't yet added a way to remove or edit the templates once created. I'm considering adding a mechanism to create these automatically on a timer, but I'm not sure if it's worth the effort, so If you like the idea let me know.
tarkingt0n-11 months ago
I really like this applet - I use it on Mint 18.3 and it fits the visual style of the Cinnamon dark themes well. I have discovered an intermittent issue involving my multi-display system and stickies disappearing - I'm going to try my best to provide an Issue report on GitHub. Thanks for your efforts in creating this tool.
Miles Bright
Miles Bright-1 year ago
Shouldn't this be a desklet and not an applet?
Stephen Collins
Stephen Collins-10 months ago
That was my original plan. When I finally started writing it, I decided to make it an applet instead for a couple of really good reasons. First, by the time I actually sat down to write this, there was already a desklet that provided similar functionality. It had a lot of features, but it was much heavier to use. You had to add another entire instance of the desklet in order to get a new note. I wanted something more light-weight and easy to use, where you could quickly add and remove notes. This meant that the current desklet api didn't really suit my purposes well. The second (and biggest) reason is that I wanted some separate, independent controls that would allow the user to quickly add notes and give easy access to exiting ones. It made the most sense to put those on the panel. With the way Cinnamon is structured, I had to make it an applet if I wanted to put those controls on the panel.
armageddon51-1 year ago
Would be nice but totally unusable in Mint Cinnamon 18.2. Need to be fixed.
Jason Hicks
Jason Hicks-1 year ago
Care to go into more detail or maybe file a bug report?
Jens Tautenhahn
Jens Tautenhahn-1 year ago
Does not work under Mint 18.2 and Cinnamon 3.4.4.
Jason Hicks
Jason Hicks-1 year ago
A great tool, it makes jotting down random notes much easier to write, and reference later.
Алексей Ситников
Good job! I need various hotkeys to work with this extension. Please.
Stephen Collins
Stephen Collins-10 months ago
Shouldn't be too hard. Which tasks to you want hotkeys for?