Location Detection + Flags

UUID: location-detection@heimdall
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Shows the geographic location of your public IP and country-flag.



Cinnamon Location

This Cinnamon applet displays the geographic location of your public IP address.

My public IP changes somewhat regularily, so I like to have a quick reference as to "where I am".


Get it here.


cd to ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/ and git clone https://github.com/mindcruzer/cinnamon-location.git cinnamon-location@mindcruzer.com.

Now add the applet to your panel like you would any other.

Be a bro

My API key for IPInfoDB is in applet.js in GEO_IP_URL. If you're going to actually use this, be a bro and sign up for your own? Only takes a second.

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