System monitor with graphs

by pixunil
UUID: system-monitor@pixunil
Score: 5
Last edited: 2 weeks ago
Last commit: cee3a2b195ea3c2e49721b67a74b924488b84443

Display CPU, Memory and Swap usage, Disk and Network rates as text and graphs

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Levi Dumitrache
Levi Dumitrache-1 month ago
Great tool! Would it be possible to add voltage readings from the sensors?
Diego Chertoff
Diego Chertoff-1 month ago
Sorry... How to install it?
Alex T. Grecu
Alex T. Grecu-1 month ago
Please, try to sanitize the disk mount points read from /etc/mtab. On my system an octal char gets escaped as "\\040" and thus I get lots of errors in X session log file (since the file is no longer found). To get rid of this I implement quite a lowsy patch in modules/disk.js in function updateDevices on lines 60 and 63: mount[1].replace("\\040"," "). I'm sure there are better ways to solve this issue maybe on the line of Thanks!
Steve Murphy
Steve Murphy-5 months ago
Looks good with the right theme, works well, all in all very polished.