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UUID: uptime@vatanuki.kun
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1 month ago 2019-06-03, 10:07 UTC
Last commit: [31d27abf] uptime@vatanuki.kun : Major improvements (#2424)

A simple applet that displays uptime.

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SoftTeam AB
SoftTeam AB-3 months ago
Here are a few ideas of how to improve the applet: 1. Choose font/font size 2. Choose an icon and whether it should be shown before or after the text 2. Choose how to up time should be presented, for example "{%d} days and {%h} hours"
Dimytri Komanatov
Dimytri Komanatov-2 years ago
Simple, functional and clean. Perfectly accomplishes exactly what it promises without trying to be too fancy. Exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you!