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a simple todo list ticker for cinammon

todo applet for the Cinnamon desktop.

(inspired by Gnome Shell's stocks extension written by Andrew Miller)


- tested and running in cinnamon 2.0.14 


- enter the todo items in todo.list

known Issues

- if the todo list gets too long, the system might lag for a fraction of a sec
normaly you would not feel it, but if you watch a video it might hick-up... 



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Vladimir Pavlychev
Vladimir Pavlychev-2 months ago
I installed today this applet "Cinnamon applet todo" in Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon, and edit todo.list then my desktop was freezed (( only mouse cursor can move. After restart system I try login. I see only black screen and mouse cursor. How delete this applet from my system?
Joshua Desjarlais
Joshua Desjarlais-7 months ago
Found a bug that may be pretty critical The to do list, MUST have items in it, when the text file itself was empty Linux booted to black screen with cursor. We had to remove the applet through terminal to get the desktop back.
Syl Shok
Syl Shok-7 months ago
Really loving the applet. Would it be possible to add "shortcut-support"? So the list could be opened by keyboard. Greatings from germany