Clipboard QR code applet

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11 months ago 2018-09-25, 23:45 UTC
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Create QR codes from clipboard content



Create and Scan QR codes directly from your Cinnamon desktop!

Easily move snippets of text between your phone and your desktop or laptop using just your webcam!

This handy applet uses the python-zbar library to fully support scanning QR codes (and barcodes!) directly into your clipboard with the click of a button.

You will need to

sudo apt-get install python-zbar

for scanning functionality to work but that's ALL you'll need to do.

This is a fork of the original Clipboard QR Code applet by ebbes, with the added scanning functionality and general patches to make it work on modern Cinnamon.

Requests for features welcome!

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MarcoB-0049-3 weeks ago
Very practical, the little tool! Thank you very much!
timovartiainen-5 months ago
©TriMoon™-9 months ago
error t=2018-12-17T19:19:00Z [clipboard-qr@wrouesnel]: Requiring GUdev, version none: Typelib file for namespace 'GUdev' (any version) not found [clipboard-qr@wrouesnel]: Error importing applet.js from clipboard-qr@wrouesnel
Denis Tolstov
Denis Tolstov-3 months ago
apt install gir1.2-gudev-1.0
new-on-github-1 year ago
Very nice applet. Easy to use and very helpful.