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Show the current workspace name in the panel

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Dan Murphy
Dan Murphy-1 month ago
Thanks for the great work! I use standalone window managers sometimes (Openbox, BSPWM, etc.) and have become really dependent on named workspaces, so your applet is just what I needed. Please consider me a second vote for kajdo's request: I'd love the option to see all the workspaces side by side in the panel. By the way, I put in a similar feature request for the built-in Workspace Switcher applet:
Pierre-Yves Langlois
Simple just as I like it!
JadedMarvel-9 months ago
Great app with well thought-out function and no bloat. I am running Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon and only have one critique relative to an apparent bug when using the scroll wheel to cycle through desktops. If a user scrolls while hovering to initiate the cycling of other work-spaces & they scroll very quickly, the desktop will change but the panel and icons will not and get stuck on the prior workspace/desktop.
dacj1s-1 year ago
I wrote a simple script for changing Desktop Icons and background for each Workspace. In effect each Workspace acts like a Desktop. See When I use your applet, it changes workspace and displays its name, which is kinda what I want. But is there any chance you might add a way to run a user-specifiable script? In my case, the script is called switch-desk <num> where num is a Desk number
kajdo-1 year ago
would it be possible to implement the applet with an option to show the names side by side directly in the panel with the active one highlighted comparable with the std indicator with simple button option, but instead of the workspace number it should show the name
yiitbrak-1 year ago
i think it is already available without an aplet
minyaen-3 years ago
Works well.