Bash Sensors

UUID: bash-sensors@pkkk
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1 month ago 2019-06-03, 10:03 UTC
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Write your Bash commands to specify applet output (temperature sensors and not only!)

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jpachta-2 months ago
Nice applet to print to my panel whatever I found useful! I tried to "monitor" one of my laptop in the network to find its current IP address using ping -c 1 hostname command with some grep's to have the output a bit nicer. While the ping was waiting for the response the applet makes microfreeze to whole cinnamon environment on Fedora29, Cinnamon 4.0.10 (probably the Weather applet does the same kind of microfreeze as well).
SlashTray-1 year ago
Excellent! Thank you so much, usage possibilities are endless :) Here is one bash script (to be called by Bash Sensors of course) that displays your internet public IP (useful if you use a VPN service for instance): #!/bin/bash my_public_ip=`dig +short 2>/dev/null` if [ $? -ne 0 ] then echo "No internet access" else echo $my_public_ip fi