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1 week ago 2023-03-12, 11:22
Last commit: [7788dcba] [] Stop polluting ~/.xsession-errors with debugging messages (#4714)

A complete rewrite of the GPaste applet based on the Gnome Shell extension

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DonEdwards-3 months ago
It would be nice if this page gave some clue of what the applet is for, what it does, something like that.
richo-3 months ago
muchas gracias. (Thanks a lot)
imxys-3 months ago
if the applet says "gpaste not installed", follow the from If you use an Arch-based distro, that means you have to install the package "gpaste". If you use a Ubuntu-based distro, install the packages "gpaste", "gpaste-applet" and "gir1.2-gpaste-4.0". ( You can skip "gpaste-applet" if it doesn't exist. ) Other distros: Check if there's a package for GPaste. If there isn't, check the GitHub page linked below. then restart cinnamon, it should work now.
wiscodisco-9 months ago
Correction... my curl fetch of the .js file retrieved the whole HTML document, not just the javascript. When I copied the actual code info GPasteHistoryItem.js and restart Cinnamon, GPaste reloaded starts and I can see the strings in my paste history again. Whew.
wiscodisco-9 months ago
I was using the hack by pms967 that replaces the stock GPasteHistoryItem.js with the specified file. With the recent update I can no longer see the strings in the list, I could, however, see the history with the main GPaste program. I tried the pms967 hack and now GPaste Reloaded won't even start. So I'm without the important functionality this applet used to provide. What can I do to help?
pcspecialist-9 months ago
Doesn't work in LMDE 5
Fedor Elizarov
Fedor Elizarov-1 year ago
Sorry my bad , I fix it. If applet sey "Gpaste not installed" you need install this "sudo apt install gir1.2-gpaste-1.0" or other version gir gpaste. restart shell alt+f2 tap r and inter
imxys-3 months ago
Worked for me. Thanks!
Fedor Elizarov
Fedor Elizarov-1 year ago
Not work. gpaste installed but applet sey "gpaste not installed"
Tassos Diamantidis
The last 2 weeks, history is not shown or history items are shown empty. History is shown correctly on GPaste App.
Kamyar Nemati
Kamyar Nemati-1 year ago
Worked for me. Thanks!
pms967-1 year ago
Update: replacing the file: ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/ with the (old) one available here: seems to fix the problem.
erwinzer0-3 months ago
Can't possibly know that. Thanks a lot
Mostafa Lavaei
Mostafa Lavaei-7 months ago
Great! But I wonder why the maintainer does not fix it after over one year. Gpaste is one of my favorite applets but unfortunately does not maintain activity.
Pointer666-1 year ago
Worked for me too. Thank you.
Tassos Diamantidis
Worked for me too, thanks a lot
wendess3n-1 year ago
This worked for me. Thanks
SandyMental-1 year ago
not for me
SandyMental-1 year ago
better said, after replacing with the old one the history items are shown empty -
pms967-1 year ago
Same here, after upgrade from Mint 20.1 to 20.2
unclesnr-1 year ago
Having the same issue.
shamnad-sherief-1 year ago
can't select the 'bold' item. every time i need to search from the history
danfarias07-1 year ago
Just broke my Cinnamon. Had to timeshift and lost a ton of work. You guys should really consider removing it until it's fixed
Vulcanraven-1 year ago
Next time switch to terminal Ctrl + Alt + F2 Applets are stored in ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets Delete the directory in there. So no need for timeshifting.
ksergk-2 years ago
JS ERROR: Error: Expected type string for argument 'uuid' but got type number setIndex@/home/user/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/ refresh/<@/home/user/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/
Nick Huanca
Nick Huanca-3 years ago
If you get "GPaste is not installed" then you can "apt-get install gir1.2-gpaste-1.0" to get it working
petrus2586-1 year ago
Effectivement, cela fonctionne après . J'ai rajouté ce paquet à "gpaste" et "libgpaste11" que Synpatic m'avait proposé par défaut. J'ai ensuite refait mon installation d'applet puis relancé Cinnamon et... j'ai eu le plaisir d'avoir l'icône Gpaste apparaître. Grand merci
gggirlgeek-2 years ago
Thank you!! You're the best. Worked great using Gpaste v3.36.3 from the PPA and Mint 20.10.
ak1dd-3 years ago
Doesn't work on Linux Mint 19.3 "GPaste is not installed" when you try to invoke.
eblis-3 years ago
This has just stopped working in Linux Mint 19.1 :(
shidi-4 years ago
Funktioniert nicht unter ubuntu 16.04 mit cinnamon
Tim Abell
Tim Abell-4 years ago
Breaks your entire desktop with no path to fixing it. DO NOT INSTALL
moretocome-4 years ago
`sudo apt install gpaste gir1.2-gpaste-1.0` then it works. I just installed it :)
EvGrizli-1 year ago
Спасибо тебе! Я так сделал. Работает.
claudiux-5 years ago
Very usefull. But at install, it freezes Cinnamon. A force logout is necessary. At next login, it's working fine. (On Linux Mint 18.2 with Cinnamon 3.4.6.)
Zverko Veselic
Zverko Veselic-5 years ago
Wow. Adding this to the panel sends my Cinnamon into a death spiral. It crashes, restarts only to instantly crash again etc...
Een Edinson
Een Edinson-5 years ago
If you have "Gpaste is not installed" error when adding the applet to a panel even when you have gpaste already installed, you may also need to install gir1.2-gpaste-4.0 package. Somehow that package is not pulled when you install gpaste from repository.
Sam-5 years ago
What all packages are needed to get this running? The message just mentions gpaste, and I already installed that, but it doesn't work.
SvenRieke-5 years ago
I like Diodon, it offers hotkey and much more. It's not an applet, so it's your decision of what you want to use.
Rodrigo Barros Bernardino
I really liked it!! But is there any war to assign a keyboard shortcut to "show the applet", so I just press it and I can search through my history, for example? Thanks!
Feuerfuchs-5 years ago
Right now there isn't a native confoguration for keyboard shortcuts, but you can assign a keyboard shortcut to the following command to make the applet appear: 'gpaste-client show-history'
Feuerfuchs-5 years ago
(I mean, assign that command using Cinnamon's keyboard settings)