Download and upload speed

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Shows usage of a network interface



Download and upload speed

An applet that shows usage of a network interface for Linux Mint Cinnamon


  • Shows current download and upload speed
  • Shows a hover popup with total amount of data downloaded and uploaded
  • Opens a terminal with list of current Internet connections on a left mouse click.
    Closes the terminal on the next mouse click.
  • Shows data limit usage
    • Displays a percentage of data limit usage as a circle or text
    • Invokes a command when the data limit exceeded
  • Customizable
    • Two GUI types
    • Show average speed per second or amount of data transferred
    • Display values as multiples of bytes or bits
    • Enable or disable a hover popup
    • Customize a command used to list current Internet connections


Download zip archive


  1. Extract .zip archive to ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets
  2. Enable the applet in Cinnammon settings


To specify a network interface:

  1. Right click on the applet
  2. From "Network interfaces" submenu check a network interface

Source code

Browse the source of the applet in the original repository.

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wb027-1 year ago
Linux Mint 21. Newly installed. Doesn't show download speed (constantly 0B). Total upload shows normally.
wb027-1 year ago
Solved. Parameter "Minimum displayed upload value" was configured by mistake.
Obsidian Maximus
Obsidian Maximus-1 year ago
Working pretty fine. Although one suggestion, if the daily data could be shown instead of total data, it would be much better. Nonetheless a very good application.
Japheth Rono
Japheth Rono-1 year ago
The app works well except for in-line display that does not have a gap between download speed and upload speed sections (even with the icons shown). Is there a CSS parameter that can be used to edit this gap?
arnold-loudly-1 year ago
I reaslly love this applet, but it seems to crash frequently . It often will not reset, and the only option is to remove it. I like that its configurable - font sizes, symbols, units etc, but I think it maybe needs more cpu time than it gets? IDK ut I hope it gets fixed because it's the best concept.
Kim W.
Kim W.-2 years ago
Since the last update Version 1.6.5 (2022-06-07), it does not show the correct total data (download/upload).
Severga-2 years ago
It doesn't restore the checked state for a network interface, if I plug it after the applet loading.
Causing cinnamon to completely freeze up. It also shows a warning about this it says: "This applet contains function calls that could potentially cause Cinnamon to crash or freeze. If you are experiencing crashes or freezing, please try removing it."
Prashanta Mondal
Prashanta Mondal-3 years ago
it's working thanks
oppiman-4 years ago
I love it. But in LMDE4 I get a warning that this applet can cause cinnamon to freeze...and unfortunately it did a few times. Any workaround?
denispr-4 years ago
Thanks for this great applet. Just one request : if not too complicated, it would be nice if there was an option to automatically display the defaultroute interface. At present time, each time I start my computer an connect to the internet, I have to reselect ppp0 as the displayed interface.
martinubuntulinux-4 years ago
# ci-°u°
saffrontsunami-4 years ago
Superb functioning and very helpful app. Helped to understand & optimize usage of some softwares. Initial install was not OK in Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon 64, it resulted in error messages (file missing) Had to transfer all files into a .local/ ----- directory before it started functioning. But now it is working fine. Superb job, thanks a ton to the author. (Used over ethernet, wifi, both, over a week+ ; the alarm-notifications did not apply to me)
BluesFu-4 years ago
It works well ,but it has a warning in cinnamon applet . May should fix some bugs or do something to solve it? And I thins the netspeed ending with "/s" may be better.
ameyabee-5 years ago
absolutely fantastic! love the look and configuration capabilities!
ledufff-5 years ago
Works as expected on debian
yochananmarqos-6 years ago
Error on Cinnamon 3.8: error t=2018-04-28T09:49:05Z [download-and-upload-speed@cardsurf]: assignment to undeclared variable last_char [download-and-upload-speed@cardsurf]: Failed to evaluate 'main' function on applet: download-and-upload-speed@cardsurf/43 error t=2018-04-28T09:49:05Z [download-and-upload-speed@cardsurf]: Applet download-and-upload-speed@cardsurf: Could not create applet object. [download-and-upload-speed@cardsurf]: Error importing applet.js from download-and-upload-speed@cardsurf
©TriMoon™-5 years ago
PS im using Debian 9.x (testing)
©TriMoon™-5 years ago
Same here: error t=2018-08-29T16:15:54Z Could not find setting key 'network_interface' for xlet download-and-upload-speed@cardsurf error t=2018-08-29T16:15:54Z Could not find setting key 'network_interface' for xlet download-and-upload-speed@cardsurf error t=2018-08-29T16:15:54Z [download-and-upload-speed@cardsurf]: assignment to undeclared variable last_char [download-and-upload-speed@cardsurf]: Failed to evaluate 'main' function on applet: download-and-upload-speed@cardsurf/45 Im uninstalling it untill fixed...
Vinícius Santana
Vinícius Santana-6 years ago
I also can't get it to work... there's a exclamation point on the applets list.
Vinícius Santana
Vinícius Santana-6 years ago
Nvm, it worked.
Bruno Gonçalves
Bruno Gonçalves-6 years ago
Can I add the option to monitor all network cards at the same time and display the sum of them?
I just can not get it to work ! Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.
D.Leks -6 years ago
Hello, it worked fine on 1080p, however, when trying to use it on 4k with Double DPI scaling in MINT it scales the tray bar really ugly... When removing the applet everything is back to normal If you could come up with something, it would be super awesome!
FreeVP-6 years ago
How to settings an applet? That showed only "kB", didn't show "B", "MB", "GB", "TB". How to make alignment on the right edge? Thank you!!!
Atikur Rahman Chitholian
It does not add newly created interfaces in the list (without restart or re-add the applet in the panel); i.e. when I attach my android phone with USB tethering, it creates a new network interface but this applet then does not show this new interface in the interface chooser. Please update with this feature.