Text to speech applet

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A text reading applet



Text to speech applet

A text reading applet for Linux Mint Cinnamon


  • read aloud text
  • pause/resume reading aloud the text
  • read lines and stop
    reading is stopped after the specified number of lines
    reading is resumed from the line it was stopped
  • customization
    • customize voice parameters such as: pitch, amplitude and speed
    • pick the clipboard that contains the text to read
    • set icons displayed in the panel


Download zip archive


  1. Extract .zip archive to ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets
  2. Enable the applet in Cinnamon settings

Text-to-speech engine

A default text-to-speech engine used by the applet is espeak. To install the engine in Linux Mint type in a terminal:

sudo apt install espeak

To use other engine change Voice command parameter in the applet configuration.

To start reading

  1. Highlight the text to read
  2. Click on the applet to read the text

To stop reading

Click on the applet when the text is read

To pause/resume reading

Click the middle mouse button on the applet when the text is read

Voice configuration

To customize the voice command:

  1. Right click on the applet and click on "Configure"
  2. In the "Configuration" section customize the voice command

Source code

Browse the source of the applet in the original repository.

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timvalen-5 years ago
Very handy and works well. I use it when my eyes get tired of reading. Thank you
Don Edwards
Don Edwards-5 years ago
I love the convenience of this - just highlight some text and click the button in the panel - but by default it uses espeak which is not the best quality. I have Festival installed and working on its own, but have not succeeded in configuring this applet to use it. Do you know how to get the applet working with Festival - or a suggestion for another TTS engine than works with the applet and is better than espeak?
al-mission-2016-5 years ago
Hi cardsurf. Good app, sometimes useful. But, could you add an ability to start/stop it by some keystroke (shortcut). Mouse cliking is not always convenient. Or maybe there is a mean how to do it without app modification?