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Mailnag mail notifier applet

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ozybard-8 months ago
Whoops, that should read Mint 20.1 not 2.1. Sorry
ozybard-8 months ago
MailNag is one of the more usefull applets available for the cinnamon envronment. A clean install of Mint 2.1 however seems to break Mailnag completely and no amount of deletes and re-installs will coax it back to life. I for one would love to see this usefull tool receive some attention with a view to having it working again.
kyphi-10 months ago
After upgrading mint version 20 to 20.1 the functioning of Mailnag was seriously impaired and unusable. Resolved by total removal of Mailnag and the Mailnag daemon. After installing a fresh copy of the Mailnag app as well as the Mailnag daemon the applet is fully functional again.
porcaror-10 months ago
Mailnag daemon working but the mailnag applet doesn't show the new messages and their number anymore. Any suggestion?
porcaror-1 year ago
I've installed cinnamon 4.8 in EndeavourOS. Unfortunately mailnag doesn't work anymore (cinnamon says taht the applet is not working and it suggests to remove it) . Can you help me? Thanks in advance.
Dany-Dan-1 year ago
Same problem for me with cinnamon 4.8 on Archlinux. Mailnag was working fine before the update.
tholler3012-1 year ago
OK, resolved it. 1. install the ppa, than install mailnag sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pulb/mailnag sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install mailnag 2. un- and reInstall the applet 3. rightklick the applet and configure Mailnag 4. reenter the passwords for the endered mailaccounts. They where missing in my installation. Now it works fine again :-)
tholler3012-1 year ago
Sorry, I upgraded for Mint 19.3 to Mint 20. Before mailnag works fine.
tholler3012-1 year ago
Error message in Linux Mint: Mailnag deamon is not running. Do you have it installed? I un- and reinstalled mailnag several times, but it is not working.
ozybard-1 year ago
Linux Mint 20 mailnag applet no longer working. Failed to connect to account 'Home E-mail' ([SSL: UNSUPPORTED_PROTOCOL] unsupported protocol (_ssl.c:727)).
Oleg Rudakov
Oleg Rudakov-1 year ago
I can’t connect to the GMail, correct it!
neurosurgeon81-1 year ago
Follow to and allow Insecure applications. After that it work again.
neurosurgeon81-1 year ago
Mailnag can not autorize on Gmail.
rdlf4-1 year ago
Is there a way to make the icon disappear when there is no unread email messages?
Zoli-2 years ago
in Configure Mailnag / Folders (optional) : "Connection failed." <--- i keep on getting this message in red. IDK what I am doing wrong. :-(
gunk0001-2 years ago
very nice applet, definitely one of my defaults
Knezev-2 years ago
add junk mail
fluntelion-2 years ago
Works well as far as information on new mails is concerned, but gives me absurd time indications. According to the applet, the oldest mail came in 33.040 hours ago. That's 1.377 days, thus more than 3 1/2 years ago. :))
Mike Button
Mike Button-3 years ago
The calculation of the hours, when the mail was arrived seems wrong. i corrected it in the applet this way: return Math.floor(time_diff / 60 * 60) + _(" hours ago"); to return Math.floor(time_diff / 3600) + _(" hours ago");
Piiit-4 years ago
Works nice. You need to install the mailnag daemon first. On Linux Mint just type `apt install mailnag`
Fedora Tux
Fedora Tux-4 years ago
On Fedora 26 27 never working