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by Odyseus
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Various shortcuts to handle desktop actions.

Bug reports, feature requests and contributions

If anyone has bugs to report, a feature request or a contribution, do so on this xlet GitHub page.

Desktop Handler applet description

This applet is based on Smart Panel extension and Show Desktop ++ applet, both authored by mohammad-sn. I mixed both of them into an applet because there is not always room on the panel to perform the actions added by Smart Panel. The Smart Panel extension can still be installed and activated at the same time than this applet to have even more desktop actions.


Cinnamon 2.8 Cinnamon 3.0 Cinnamon 3.2 Cinnamon 3.4


  • The applet icon, background color and width can be customized.
  • Scroll over applet actions:
    • Switch between workspaces
    • Adjust opacity of windows
    • Toggle Show desktop
    • Switch between windows
  • Posibility to perform different actions for scrolling up and down.
  • Posibility to perform different actions on left and middle click.
  • Actions for up/down scroll and/or left/middle clicks.
    • Expo
    • Overview
    • Launch App Switcher
    • Show Desktop
    • Run 1st Custom Command
    • Run 2nd Custom Command
    • Run 3rd Custom Command
    • Run 4rd Custom Command
  • Posibility to create a windows list menu.
  • Left/Middle/Right click on applet can be configured to open the windows list menu.
  • Desktop peek functionality with configurable levels of opacity.

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