Collapsible Systray

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A replacement for the abandoned System Tray Collapsible Cinnamon applet



This applet's main purpose is to integrate tray icons seamlessly into your desktop and allowing you to hide icons you rarely need.

IMPORTANT: Due to the way Cinnamon handles tray icons, you can only use one tray applet at a time. So if you want to use this applet, please be sure you arenm't using any other tray applets such as the default one. Otherwise Cinnamon might become unstable or even crash.

Settings documentation

  • Behavior
    • Animation duration – The duration of the expand/collapse animation. You can disable animationy by setting this value to 0.
    • Expand on hover – If checked, the tray will automatically expand if you move the mouse pointer over the applet
    • Expand on hover delay — The delay before the tray expands on hover
    • Collapse on un-hover – If checked, the tray will automatically collapse if you move the mouse pointer away from the applet
    • Collapse on un-hover delay — The delay before the tray collapses on un-hover
    • Startup collapse delay — The tray collapses automatically when it is loaded. You can define a delay here during which all icons are visible.
  • Appearance
    • Sort icons by name — If disabled, the icons' order will be random
    • Disable hover effect for tray icons — If you have problems with the hover effect or it simply doesn't look good, you should enable this setting
    • Horizontal expand icon — The icon used for the expand/collapse button if the tray is collapsed (if used in a horizontal panel)
    • Horizontal collapse icon — The icon used for the expand/collapse button if the tray is expanded (if used in a horizontal panel)
    • Vertical expand icon — The icon used for the expand/collapse button if the tray is collapsed (if used in a vertical panel)
    • Vertical collapse icon — The icon used for the expand/collapse button if the tray is expanded (if used in a vertical panel)
    • Padding of tray icons — Depending on the theme used the spacing between applets is different from the default tray icon spacing. You can adjust the tray icon spacing here.

Manual installation

To install the applet, execute the script. If the applet doesn't appear in the applet list, you should restart Cinnamon by pressing Alt+F2, typing 'r' (without ') and hitting enter. To remove the applet, just run -r.

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Inotamira-1 month ago
I'm so glad someone came along and fixed this. I've tried to do it myself but, I really don't understand the Cinnamon applet code base, and I've had a hard time finding decent documentation on it. My man, you're a badass in my book for this one.
Saul Fautley
Saul Fautley-2 months ago
Really awesome system tray applet. Works perfectly to hide app icons, and I also love all the config options like changing the padding between icons which the default system tray doesn't even let you do! The only thing that would make this even better is if you could drag-to-order app icons like you can do in Windows. Though I doubt this is even possible since app icons already seem to intercept mouse-down. Thanks again and keep up the good work!
Valery Kravtsov
Valery Kravtsov-3 months ago
Buggy thing. This applet doesn't manage other applets icons, such as Network Manager, Expo, Sound. Only icons of programms like CopyQ and others. After restart Cinnamon this applet lost his "expand" and "collapse" icons. which previously were assigned. Just an empty place(!) instead but still working. Environment: LM 19.1, Cinnamon 4.0.1
xexpanderx-3 months ago
Not working on 4.2.
Zodarr-8 months ago
Hello, would it be possible to make the hidden icons to expand in a perpendicular way to the panel, as to not push the icons and/or applets away to the side? It could be a list, and/or grid style, that would be nice to have. Thank you.
invexx-1 year ago
I'm jumping with joy :) Thank you! Works great in Mint 19 with a vertical panel.
Feuerfuchs-1 year ago
@Kevin Xiao, @Telmo "Trooper" The update for Cinnamon 3.6 finally landed in Manjaro and I was able to fix the problems! :) As a reminder, if you encounter any issues, please report them either on my private repo ( or the Cinnamon Spices repo ( I don't get any notifications if comments are posted here so it's likely I won't read them for quite a while.
Telmo "Trooper"
Telmo "Trooper"-1 year ago
Understood, much appreacited. :)
Telmo "Trooper"
Telmo "Trooper"-1 year ago
Can you please update it to work with Cinnamon 3.6.0? Much appreciated. :)
Kevin Xiao
Kevin Xiao-1 year ago
Seems like it's crashing on Cinnamon 3.6.0. Using Arch Linux with Cinnamon 3.6.0, can't get it to start.
Sergey B
Sergey B-2 years ago
It's unstable. Mint Cinnamon 18.2 displays trays very bad, and after restart crashes Cinnamon.
Nanners-2 years ago
Seems to be working fine in Arch with Cinnamon, looks good. Kernel: 4.12.10-1-ARCH x86_64 (64 bit) Desktop: Cinnamon 3.4.4 Distro: Arch Linux
Telmo "Trooper"
Telmo "Trooper"-2 years ago
Thanks for this applet, man! Having both Icing Task Manager and Collapsible Systray (with a few tweaks each) makes Cinnamon feel just about right.
Feuerfuchs-2 years ago
I'm glad you like it! Now I'm curious, though: what tweaks do you apply to my applet? Is it something that would be useful for other users as well?
Een Edinson
Een Edinson-2 years ago
Is it possible for the systray to include media players when the option to hide compatible players in sound applet is disabled? I've tried playing with the options but Collaptible Systray won't control media player systray icons.
Een Edinson
Een Edinson-2 years ago
My Mistake. There are toggles to activate or deactivate systray icons for them to collapsible or not. Thanks for this great applet!