Homestead manager

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An applet to manage Homestead.



Homestead Manager Applet

Manage an installed Homestead instance from a panel menu.


  • Installed, configured and working Homestead and Vagrant box instance in ~/Homestead
  • Configuration options located in ~/.homestead


  • Homestead up/down
  • Homestead status (Also indicated by the panel icon)
  • Homestead provision
  • Homestead SSH terminal
  • Homestead Destroy
  • Edit Homestead config
  • Show configuration details
  • Show hosted sites
  • Show hosted databases
  • Edit hosts file

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Lloric Mayuga Garcia
nice applet
Alex Fraundorf
Alex Fraundorf-5 years ago
This is a very well designed applet. It makes is super easy to administer and see the status of a Homestead (or Sitepoint's HomesteadImproved) virtual machine. I use it every day. Thank you very much for sharing it!