Time Out

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Automatically controlled time outs and breaks



A simple applet for Cinnamon to control breaks when working with your computer.

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Codesiddhar-9 months ago
Could you please add a sound feature on alert? I use an application named Citrix a remote desktop. Which overlays fullscreen and I missing the alerts. Only when I close my citrix, I m seeing the "Time Out Break" alert. Either "Time Out" should be the top window above all or It can give "Sound" alert.
NezumiRonin-1 year ago
It can be more useful if it detects the use of keyboard and mouse, to make typing breaks. For example, for every one hour of typing you rest 5 minutes. You can do that now, but if leave at half hour for 6 minutes or more, the timer will not reset and after the other half hour it will again do a break. And when you return after a long break, it shows the "break message".
FlowXP-2 years ago
simple and useful !
kstn-2 years ago
Great thing for guitar practice. The best timer i've ever seen - no any bells and whistles, only timer and nothing more.
Alexander Fields
Alexander Fields-3 years ago
I use it with icon only. Have set as 10 minute break for each 60 minute interval. I like applet. Thank you! And I`m looking for more flexible settings of break intervals.