Time Out

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Automatically controlled time outs and breaks



A simple applet for Cinnamon to control breaks when working with your computer.

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Andrei Miculita
Andrei Miculita-1 year ago
Unfortunately the timer doesn't reset if the screen is locked. It gets stuck in some weird limbo where it waits for you to unlock it, then as soon as you do, it says "Time for a break". Pretty inconvenient to see it first thing in the morning.
Sergey-1 year ago
It would be nice to be able to change the text on the popup in the settings. For example: "Make push ups , fat-guts" or "Feed the cat". Such self-made notes will motivate and remind the PC-operator for some useful activity.
Codesiddhar-2 years ago
Could you please add a sound feature on alert? I use an application named Citrix a remote desktop. Which overlays fullscreen and I missing the alerts. Only when I close my citrix, I m seeing the "Time Out Break" alert. Either "Time Out" should be the top window above all or It can give "Sound" alert.
NezumiRonin-3 years ago
It can be more useful if it detects the use of keyboard and mouse, to make typing breaks. For example, for every one hour of typing you rest 5 minutes. You can do that now, but if leave at half hour for 6 minutes or more, the timer will not reset and after the other half hour it will again do a break. And when you return after a long break, it shows the "break message".
FlowXP-4 years ago
simple and useful !
kstn-4 years ago
Great thing for guitar practice. The best timer i've ever seen - no any bells and whistles, only timer and nothing more.
Alexander Fields
Alexander Fields-5 years ago
I use it with icon only. Have set as 10 minute break for each 60 minute interval. I like applet. Thank you! And I`m looking for more flexible settings of break intervals.