Countdown timer with notifications

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A countdown timer app with visual and auditory notifications based on markbokil's timer-notifications applet

Countdown Timer

A simple countdown timer app, modeled after a kitchen timer. I wanted something easy to remind myself to get up every hour and stretch. To jazz it up a little the timer can play a sound, flash a message, open the applet menu, or plaster a confirmation dialog on the screen -- hard to miss. You can display several notifications at once, such as displaying the confirmation dialog while playing an alarm sound. The app defaults to just a message, the app menu being popped open, and a minutes countdown label on the panel. The label can be disabled in config.js

To set the sound, message, or confirm dialog edit the ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/ file. You can right-click applet to edit the config file. Select right-click Restart Cinnamon to reload the applet after editing.


0) Add sox play if you want sound capability: sudo apt-get install sox

1) Extract to ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets

2) Enable the applet in cinnamon settings

3) Restart Cinnamon if you change the config.js file. Right-click applet > Restart


  • Add GUI for options and save to gsettings schema avoiding config.js approach.


  • 2.1.0

    • Started using stock icons instead of customs - thanks zagortenay333!
  • 2.0.0
    • Forked code from original author
    • Now displaying hours, minutes, seconds
    • Slider has multiple with different (increasing) steps, to be able to easily pick any interval between 10 seconds and 24 hours.
    • Streamlined UI: moved preset into main menu in order to be able to start the timer with two clicks
    • refactored and cleaned out the code a bit
    • presets and intervals for the slider can now be dynamically configured.
  • 1.0.2
    • centered confirm dialog text
    • added restart to right-click menu
    • fixed 3 min preset error
    • added panel label countdown
  • 1.0.1
    • added run, stop, alarm states to icon,
    • added 3 min. tea time
    • centered dialog button with CSS
    • tweaked slider code to reset icons timer/on off if dragged to zero
    • added right-click edit menu.
  • 1.0.0
    • stable release.

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NuModernist-3 weeks ago
I was not able to get sound to work on this applet. This is what I did.

1. ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/axos88@countdown-timer (this is located in your Home folder right click and select 'Show Hidden Files' if you don't see it.)

2. Create a folder in the above location named : assets

3. In the assets folder I placed a sound file of my liking that I downloaded (classic arcade sounds anyone? :) )

4. Opened the config.js file ( you can access it from right clicking the applet icon on the panel and choosing: Edit Options or just open the config.js from the folder in step 1.)

5. In config.js locate the line that says: SoundPath: "SoundFile.ogg",

6. Rename the "SoundFile.ogg" with the name of the sound file you added into the 'assets' folder.

7. Save the changes

8. Right click on the Applet Icon on the panel again but this time choose: Restart Cinnamon

Sound should work now. It did for me.

Hope this helps. I really enjoy and benefit from using this applet.
dodona2-4 months ago
unfortunately not yet compatible with cinnamon 3.4