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Cinnamon Menu with the look of the Windows 7 Start Menu or the MATE Menu



 CinnVIIStarkMenu Logo CinnVIIStarkMenu


Cinnamon-Version 4.6 4.4 4.2 4.0 3.8 3.6 3.4 3.2 3.0 2.8 2.6
Linux Mint-Version 20 19.3 19.2 19.1 19 18.3 18.2 18.1 18 17.3 17.2


Click on the image below to see a review video of CinnVIIStarkMenu (previous: CinnXPStarkMenu) by Big Daddy:

Review of CinnXPStarkMenu by Big Daddy
Published on Nov 11, 2016


Rocco (aka. Big Daddy) gave some air time (22:22--24:01) to CinnVIIStarkMenu on the Destination Linux Podcast. CinnVIIStarkMenu is mentioned at the end of the Article Linux – Desktop Environment Hopping by MorningStarGG on Think Critic
Airtime of CinnVIIStarkMenu on Destination Linux Podcast Article on Think Critic
Published on May 15, 2017 Published on September 17, 2017

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Andrei Miculita
Andrei Miculita-1 day ago
I honestly miss most of Cinnamenu's features such as fuzzy search, web search, and the built-in calculator. To me, in the long term, it would be nice to see these two applets merged. Regarding your plans to simplify the settings menu, maybe make some of the settings collapsible?
NikoKrause-15 hours ago
Hey, thanks for your feedback. I just backported the new search from Cinnamons menu, which is a lot better compared to the previous search, and I'm pretty happy with it. I'm not sure, which built-in calculator is used in Cinnamenu, but I'll take a look. You can enable search providers for CinnVIIStarkMenu to have a built-in calculator. I'll add some instructions later, how to enable that. Making settings collapsible doesn't change much codebase wise. By the way, the Cinnamenu is back. So nothing to miss there anymore :)
NikoKrause-1 week ago
I've updated this applet to version 1.29. The main change in this version is a significantly improved search function (in Cinnamon versions 4.2+). Furthermore I started a poll to find out which settings of the applet are used a lot and which are don't used at all or which are barely used. This will help me to improve the applet. You find the survey on GitHub: Thanks for your feedback in advance.
sallywoog-3 months ago
Where does this menu store the menu items? I hope it's NOT in dconf, which file/folder?
Ryan Festag
Ryan Festag-4 months ago
Just tested 1.23 in Cinnamon 4.6.2, and it is working great. Whatever version I had installed before my latest Cinnamon upgrade was crashing, but this works as expected.
ivanaponi-4 months ago
Given the alternatives, this is the best we got
Mpc46-4 months ago
Easy to use, highly customizable and really good looking, I love it! You did a great job, thanks for sharing it with us!
NikoKrause-8 months ago
I've updated the applet to version 1.19. Hope it works better now.
Stephen Sepan
Stephen Sepan-8 months ago
flansuse-9 months ago
Why isn't this page being updated? Why is the built-in applets manager still stuck with an very outdated and incompatible version? There is constant development and updates on the GitHub project, yet the maintainer makes no updates or announcements on here anymore. Yes, I know you can manually download the tarball from the project page and change a few lines with a text editor on a specific .json file, but that should never be expected of a desktop user. Applet updates should be seamless and integrated.
ak1dd-9 months ago
Thanks for this... really love it. A couple questions - is there a way to change the Quit menu icons? They don't match my theme and I think it would be slick to look more like symbolic icons. Second, is there a way to have the view always default to "All Programs"? I don't really use favorites as they are on my panel. Finally, how about a way to reduce the amount of white space? For example there is a lot of empty space between menu items and a big empty space to the right of the search box. Thanks again.
Stephen Sepan
Stephen Sepan-9 months ago
Sorry wrong link -- that was MY fork; the original location is... ...but the point is the same. The download link (and I should clarify that I mean the one HERE on Cinnamon Spices) is older.
Stephen Sepan
Stephen Sepan-9 months ago
As you can see here... ... @kavalanche added the fix 2 days ago. However, it's not in the download link yet.
Stephen Sepan
Stephen Sepan-9 months ago
I'll also echo @bassistguy's comment about the Download link -- I pulled the version in that link before doing my edit and found that although the .json file did have 4.2, it did NOT have 4.4.
Stephen Sepan
Stephen Sepan-9 months ago
I've just upgraded to Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.3 Tricia (Cinnamon v4.4.5). Although the upgrade warned about the applet and no longer loaded it, following the advice by @bassistguy below, by downloading the latest, copying to the folder indicated, and adding "4.4" to the cinnamon-version line, as in ... "cinnamon-version": ["2.6","2.8","3.0","3.2","3.4","3.6","3.8","4.0","4.2","4.4"] ...allows the menu to load in Mint 19.3.
fgovoni-9 months ago
It worked
Aliaksei Labotski
Why it don't work with Mint 19.2??? So much time has passed
Derek-is-Eric-1 year ago
I've installed Linux Mint 19.2 MATE and try to install this including the workaround, but i cant choose this "applet"... Is it possible to use this applet in Linux Mint 19.2 MATE? I've used this Menu in Linux Mint 18.2 MATE and it works fine but i don't remember how i have it installed. Is there a difference between Cinnamon and MATE?
bassistguy-1 year ago
PLEASE NOTE: Before you try the workaround I posted, if you already attempted to download this menu via the "Add applet to panel" dialog, make sure to REMOVE it from the "Manage" tab first before attempting my workaround!! Just highlight CinnVIIStarkMenu and choose X at the bottom. Then start on the workaround below.
bassistguy-1 year ago
*Workaround for Mint 19.2, Cinnamon 4.2.x* It looks like NikoKrause already updated this menu for Cinnamon 4.2.x, but didn't point the Download link on this page to the update. To use this with Mint 19.2, do the following: 1. Download the applet (Orange Download link at the top of this page) 2. Extract the ZIP file and move the extracted directory to ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets 3. Edit the metadata.json file with a text editor 4. REPLACE the last line with the following and save the file: "cinnamon-version": ["2.6","2.8","3.0","3.2","3.4","3.6","3.8","4.0","4.2"] 5. Right-click on your panel and choose "Add applets to the panel" 6. You should now see the new, updated "CinnVIIStarkMenu" as an option 7. Choose it, and enjoy the best Cinnamon menu available :)
flansuse-1 year ago
Thank you, bassistguy! This worked for me and I am a very happy Cinnamon user once more! Cannot thank you enough!
jimthedj65-1 year ago
My 19.2 upgraded looking glass reports error t=2019-08-12T12:54:54Z [CinnVIIStarkMenu@NikoKrause]: Extension is not compatible with current Cinnamon version
Bendeguz1974-1 year ago
Hi Niko. Please update the StarkMenu application! This the best menu! I really like this and I'm wery sad, because not work in Linux Mint 19.2 :-(
flansuse-1 year ago
This is the best menu for any desktop, any distro, and operating system, Windows, Mac, or Linux. Nothing else comes close. An update for Cinnamon 4.2.3 (Linux Mint 19.2, Manjaro, and others) is super important, and we are ever so grateful! Thank you for your amazing efforts and applet!
jimthedj65-1 year ago
totally agree it should be part of the distribution.
magellan-13016-1 year ago
Please update for Cinnamon 4.2.3 installed with Linux Mint 19.2 ! I only like this menu for linux !
jimthedj65-1 year ago
would love this to support 19.2
salvamea-1 year ago
Please update it its the best menu for cinnamon....
bassistguy-1 year ago
I'm assuming there will be an update for Linux Mint 19.2 (Cinnamon)? When I attempt to install this menu, there is a message stating it's not compatible.
Saul Fautley
Saul Fautley-1 year ago
Best menu ever, love it. But is there any way to make it reset to show Favorites each time it opens rather than showing the previous view? Would be great if this could be configured.
Sorry to be a pain, but there's just now been a Cinnamon update - on the Mint alpha channel, anyway (see - and Cinnamon now reports the applet as incompatible. $ cinnamon --version Cinnamon 4.2.0
Paulikid-1 year ago
same here on Arch Linux with Cinnamon DE. I added "4.2" in the "metadata.json" of StarkMenu, so the applet starts again after restarting Cinnamon, but the left side of the menu is empty, no applications, no favorites.
alien1618-1 year ago
Hi there, I want to say that I use Cinnamon primarily for the StarkMenu which is in my opinion the best applications menu available as compared with anyone in any desktop environment. It is so great that I think it should be available by default in Cinnamon. Thank you so very much for the great work you have done and please keep up the wonderful work.
FcoDanielRM-1 year ago
I have a problem, when I try to assign a new direct access in applications, and I will open the panel for the order, application name, and the icon, when I click on the icon I can not choose an icon and it is blocked, I have to kill the process since I can not cancel. Thank you for your help and this is incredible!
NikoKrause-1 year ago
Hey, this is a known issue in Cinnamon 4.0 (Linux Mint 19.1) itself and not specific to this applet: It will be solved in Cinnamon 4.2 (Linux Mint 19.2).
naaiil-1 year ago
Awesome cinnamon menu. But is that possible bring back the menu to favorite app after search app. Because after search app, the menu cannot back to favorite menu, still on all program menu. Thanks
Neverest-1 year ago
Used this when moving my family's laptop to Mint. No problems so far. :) Any hope for a Mate applet of the menu? Would love to use it on a lighter desktop environment.
GNU_Linux_User-1 year ago
I like this applet so much that I use it twice - on two panels! It's a shame that once I've configured one I have to configure the other (as against there being some way of copying the configuration). Also, I find that typing into the button for the 'quit' text is extremely slow - on a very fast laptop. It takes more than five seconds for some of the letters to show up.
Ben-1 year ago
My favorite Cinnamon menu by far. Great work! Thanks.
Hugo Meireles Gonçalves
Now working with Cinnamon 4.0! Thank you a lot.
eyzer24-1 year ago
The update for CinnVIIStarkMenu it's ok for me(Manjaro cinnamon4). Thanks ;)
eyzer24-1 year ago
HI, i like it but don't work with cinnamon 4
NikoKrause-1 year ago
Added support for Cinnamon 4.0
Michel Casillas
Michel Casillas-2 years ago
What a beautifil thing.
Frank-2 years ago
Clicking on "configure" does nothing. Version 1.1.7 Debian Sid
Adeel Akram
Adeel Akram-2 years ago
The following Message appears if Mouse is clicked/kept on extreme lower left corner near @ Menu of CinnVIIStarkMenu (I am using "Hot Corners" Applet to Run a Command on lower left corner): Execution of " failed: Text was empty (or contained whitespace) This message should not be triggered if there is nothing to execute in the "Hot Corners" settings... Similarly anything that has spaces in parameters should be handled without triggering this message. All else is working perfectly... Keep up the good work !!! I am using version 2017-11-16
oxydium-2 years ago
I find that an option is missing to enable or disable tooltips in programs navigation. with this extra option, the applet would be perfect :)
Band1to-2 years ago
Awesome !
Григорий Столяр
Great applet. Thanks.
Craig Lillie
Craig Lillie-2 years ago
Can't wait for the 3.6 version. Just got upgraded from 3.4.2 to 3.6.0 and sadly it doesn't work now.
NikoKrause-2 years ago
I have updated CinnVIIStarkMenu for Cinnamon 3.6. You just need to update the applet now.
James Upson
James Upson-2 years ago
Hi Craig, it's working for me on 3.6.1, after a bit of jiggery pokery.
Bertrand Pivaty
Bertrand Pivaty-3 years ago
This is a great applet. I however have one suggestion: it would be nice that if one select All Programs, whether you start an app or close the menu, re-opening the menu should be back with favorites. Or maybe at least make it configurable.
NikoKrause-3 years ago
The MATE-Menu Layout of this applet has this behaviour.
Bertrand Pivaty
Bertrand Pivaty-3 years ago
I tried both Mate and Stark menu none of them gave me this behavior.
NikoKrause-3 years ago
MATE-Layout: Remembers which section (»All Programs« or »Favorites«) was open and shows this section next time you're opening the menu. Stark-Layout: Always shows the »Favorites« section on menu opening. If that's not the case please file a new issue on the following page:
Bertrand Pivaty
Bertrand Pivaty-3 years ago
It works well as you said with Stark layout. Don't know why it did not work before. Nice applet. I like it.
CottonEaster-3 years ago
This fine applet seems to be having problems on my Mint 18.2 Cinnamon system. For details, please see the bug report here:
GNU_Linux_User-1 year ago
The applet is working well on Mint 19.1 and indeed better than the official Mint menu applet. Kudos to the developer of CinnVII!
Henkel256-3 years ago
Work with Mint 17.1, very good. Thanks.
ACinnamonUserInUK-3 years ago
Very nice. Polished. Good work. Thank you.
kreha1-3 years ago
Thank you for this menu. Do you plan on adding win10-like menu layout? Would love that applet even more. Thanks again :).
NikoKrause-3 years ago
No it hasn't. If you are looking for a menu applet with fuzzy search, try the Sane Menu by nooulaif:
Zerophase-3 years ago
Does this have fuzzy search?
Reaw-3 years ago
To solve the 'Super-R' issue opening the wrong menu, you have to restart Cinnamon ! (Alt+f2 then type r and enter).
Reaw-3 years ago
I like this menu a lot, but when I press the the 'Super-R' button, it still opens the default menu and not this one, even if the default menu applet isn't activated. Any idea on how to solve this ?
Steve Murphy
Steve Murphy-3 years ago
A lot to like with this menu, but for me there are a couple of deal breakers that stop it being my first choice of alternative to the stock menu. I don't like that the menu doesn't maintain a consistent width moving through program categories and it suffers some issues with brief text corruption scrolling trough program categories on my system. Stock menu does the same, but there are other choices on Spices that don't.
NikoKrause-3 years ago
"The menu doesn't maintain a consistent width moving through program categories..." That was a bug. The menu should has constant width now. "... and it suffers some issues with brief text corruption scrolling trough program categories on my system." I'm not sure, what you mean by "brief text corruption". But scrolling through categories has been improved as well.
Steve Murphy
Steve Murphy-3 years ago
Hi NikoKrause. The text corruption issues seem to be cured with Mint 18.2/Cinnamon 3.4 and the menu width is all good now. Have been using this for a few weeks now as my default. All good. Thank-you.