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Cinnamon Menu with the look of the Windows 7 Start Menu or the MATE Menu

 CinnVIIStarkMenu Logo CinnVIIStarkMenu

Compatible Cinnamon Versions:

✔ Cinnamon-Version 3.6 (Linux Mint 18.3)
✔ Cinnamon-Version 3.4 (Linux Mint 18.2)
✔ Cinnamon-Version 3.2 (Linux Mint 18.1)
✔ Cinnamon-Version 3.0 (Linux Mint 18)
✔ Cinnamon-Version 2.8 (Linux Mint 17.3)
✔ Cinnamon-Version 2.6 (Linux Mint 17.2)


Click on the image below to see a review video of CinnVIIStarkMenu (previous: CinnXPStarkMenu) by Big Daddy:

Review of CinnXPStarkMenu by Big Daddy
Published on Nov 11, 2016


Rocco (aka. Big Daddy) gave some air time (22:22--24:01) to CinnVIIStarkMenu on the Destination Linux Podcast. CinnVIIStarkMenu is mentioned at the end of the Article Linux – Desktop Environment Hopping by MorningStarGG on Think Critic
Airtime of CinnVIIStarkMenu on Destination Linux Podcast Article on Think Critic
Published on May 15, 2017 Published on September 17, 2017

Translation status:

View the translation status tables of CinnVIIStarkMenu. Feel free to contribute to the translations of CinnVIIStarkMenu on Launchpad or on GitHub.


CinnVIIStarkMenu is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later. See the COPYING file for details.

Credits and thanks to:

... and also thanks to the translators:

Language By
Chinese (Simplified) (zh_CN) giwhub
Croatian (hr) gogo
Czech (cs) Radek Otáhal
French (fr) bluedxca93, Christian Medel
German (de) Niko Krause
Kurdish (ku) Rokar ✌
Portuguese (pt) Hugo Gonçalves
Russian (ru) Niko Krause, Pavel Ivanov
Serbian (sr) Мирослав Николић
Spanish (es) Bob, Germán
Swedish (sv) Åke Engelbrektson

Logo credits

The CinnVIIStarkMenu logo is a mix of the MATE Desktop logo and the Cinnamon logo.

History of CinnVIIStarkMenu

GitHub history:
Spices history:

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Adeel Akram
Adeel Akram-1 month ago
The following Message appears if Mouse is clicked/kept on extreme lower left corner near @ Menu of CinnVIIStarkMenu (I am using "Hot Corners" Applet to Run a Command on lower left corner): Execution of " failed: Text was empty (or contained whitespace) This message should not be triggered if there is nothing to execute in the "Hot Corners" settings... Similarly anything that has spaces in parameters should be handled without triggering this message. All else is working perfectly... Keep up the good work !!! I am using version 2017-11-16
oxydium-1 month ago
I find that an option is missing to enable or disable tooltips in programs navigation. with this extra option, the applet would be perfect :)
Band1to-2 months ago
Awesome !
Григорий Столяр
Great applet. Thanks.
Craig Lillie
Craig Lillie-3 months ago
Can't wait for the 3.6 version. Just got upgraded from 3.4.2 to 3.6.0 and sadly it doesn't work now.
NikoKrause-3 months ago
I have updated CinnVIIStarkMenu for Cinnamon 3.6. You just need to update the applet now.
James Upson
James Upson-3 months ago
Hi Craig, it's working for me on 3.6.1, after a bit of jiggery pokery.
Bertrand Pivaty
Bertrand Pivaty-5 months ago
This is a great applet. I however have one suggestion: it would be nice that if one select All Programs, whether you start an app or close the menu, re-opening the menu should be back with favorites. Or maybe at least make it configurable.
NikoKrause-5 months ago
The MATE-Menu Layout of this applet has this behaviour.
Bertrand Pivaty
Bertrand Pivaty-5 months ago
I tried both Mate and Stark menu none of them gave me this behavior.
NikoKrause-5 months ago
MATE-Layout: Remembers which section (»All Programs« or »Favorites«) was open and shows this section next time you're opening the menu. Stark-Layout: Always shows the »Favorites« section on menu opening. If that's not the case please file a new issue on the following page:
Bertrand Pivaty
Bertrand Pivaty-5 months ago
It works well as you said with Stark layout. Don't know why it did not work before. Nice applet. I like it.
CottonEaster-6 months ago
This fine applet seems to be having problems on my Mint 18.2 Cinnamon system. For details, please see the bug report here:
Henkel256-9 months ago
Work with Mint 17.1, very good. Thanks.
ACinnamonUserInUK-9 months ago
Very nice. Polished. Good work. Thank you.
kreha1-9 months ago
Thank you for this menu. Do you plan on adding win10-like menu layout? Would love that applet even more. Thanks again :).
NikoKrause-9 months ago
No it hasn't. If you are looking for a menu applet with fuzzy search, try the Sane Menu by nooulaif:
Zerophase-9 months ago
Does this have fuzzy search?
Reaw-9 months ago
To solve the 'Super-R' issue opening the wrong menu, you have to restart Cinnamon ! (Alt+f2 then type r and enter).
Reaw-9 months ago
I like this menu a lot, but when I press the the 'Super-R' button, it still opens the default menu and not this one, even if the default menu applet isn't activated. Any idea on how to solve this ?
Steve Murphy
Steve Murphy-9 months ago
A lot to like with this menu, but for me there are a couple of deal breakers that stop it being my first choice of alternative to the stock menu. I don't like that the menu doesn't maintain a consistent width moving through program categories and it suffers some issues with brief text corruption scrolling trough program categories on my system. Stock menu does the same, but there are other choices on Spices that don't.
NikoKrause-9 months ago
"The menu doesn't maintain a consistent width moving through program categories..." That was a bug. The menu should has constant width now. "... and it suffers some issues with brief text corruption scrolling trough program categories on my system." I'm not sure, what you mean by "brief text corruption". But scrolling through categories has been improved as well.
Steve Murphy
Steve Murphy-6 months ago
Hi NikoKrause. The text corruption issues seem to be cured with Mint 18.2/Cinnamon 3.4 and the menu width is all good now. Have been using this for a few weeks now as my default. All good. Thank-you.