by jaszhix
UUID: Cinnamenu@json
Score: 9
Last edited: 1 week ago
Last commit: be5fae3cfe307a08b5ce46f0e8cc80ee318e579d

A flexible menu providing formatting options, web bookmarks, open window lookup, and search provider support with fuzzy searching.


Cinnamenu is a full featured menu extension for Cinnamon. It is a fork and port of the GNOME Shell extension Gnomenu by The Panacea Projects.



  • View apps in a list or grid.
  • Integrated web bookmarks from Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, and Opera.
  • Search through apps, files, and web bookmarks, simultaneously with fast fuzzy searching.
  • Indicators for running apps.
  • Option to show descriptions on buttons.
  • Mostly complete feature parity with the default Cinnamon menu.
    • Key navigation.
    • Filesystem autocompletion.
    • Ability to clear the recent files lists.
    • Toggle category/app icons.
    • Hide the Places category.



  • Fixed a regression preventing the applet from working on vertical panels on Cinnamon <= 3.4.
  • Fixed a context menu item key navigation bug.


  • Added an option to enable indexing of open windows in menu searches.
  • Added search provider support along with provider toggling in the settings.
  • Added an option to adjust the menu height.
  • Added drag and drop reordering for favorite apps.
  • Added optional tooltips.
  • Added an option to activate categories on click instead of hover.
  • Refactored state management.
  • Fixed toggling the autoscroll option not working until a Cinnamon restart.
  • Fixed some uncaught errors when enabling bookmarks while no sources are available.
  • Fixed opening the menu on hover only working once.
  • Known issues:
    • Icons will move to the right a bit when activating the context menu on a menu item in the grid view. This is due to working around API changes that completely break the context menu positioning in Cinnamon git, and the issue shouldn't occur when Cinnamon 3.6 releases.


  • Improved the performance of web bookmarks loading.
  • Fixed toggling web bookmarks not fully taking effect unless Cinnamon is restarted.
  • Fixed the grid/list view toggle states.
  • Fixed an error that can occur when reloading the applet.
  • Fixed a regression with math expressions not working in the search bar.
  • Fixed an issue with the score threshold being too high for app searches.
  • Removed the Lodash dependency.


  • Fixed an error occurring when favorites change before the menu has been opened for the first time.
  • Improved signal management.


  • Changed the default column count to 4.
  • Improved the context menu positioning.


  • Reorganized the layout for more efficient use of space.
    • Search box has been moved to the bottom right corner.
    • Selected app box has been moved to bottom left column.
  • Added settings from the default menu that were missing.
    • Translations for these were added from CinnVIIStarkMenu's PO files.
  • Added an option to display the description on each app button.
  • Added a user account button showing the current user's avatar.
  • Added key navigation.
  • Added a "Clear List" button for recent files.
  • Renamed the Recent category to Recent Files.
  • Descriptions now scroll horizontally if they are truncated.
  • Faster fuzzy searching.
    • Searches now highlight the matching characters in item names and descriptions.
  • Added filesystem path entry autocompletion based on the Cinnamon menu's code.
  • Added highlighting for newly installed apps.
  • Formatted the settings using the layout API.
  • Removed a lot of stale/dead code from the Gno-menu project, and refactored a lot of the button handling.
  • Removed automatic icon scaling.
  • Fixed Opera bookmarks.
  • Fixed the missing gda library error message.
  • Improved performance. (YMMV)


  • Removed extra tooling causing performance issues.
  • Fixed some Clutter errors occurring when adding/removing favorites.


  • Moved the Favorite Apps category to the bottom of the category list.
  • Added a feature allowing you to evaluate math expressions from the search field.
  • Fixed various CJS warnings.


  • Fixed the application list view having excessive width.
  • Refined the width for the grid at all column counts.
  • Fixed the search box height for some themes.
  • Made the applet compatible for Cinnamon Git.


  • Added ability to toggle bookmarks
  • Increased the resolution of the applet icon
  • Category buttons are now deactivated while searching
  • Translation file restructuring thanks to NikoKrause
  • Test bug fix for users encountering the menu not displaying when clicked
  • Fixed the menu expanding in height and width when toggled open, and expanding beyond its allocated dimensions


  • Improved the applet's memory consumption.
  • Search results now appear in their order of relevance, not by their type.
  • Search functionality now uses fuzzy search via Fusion-JS.


  • Reimplemented the context menu.
  • Overhauled theme compatibility.
  • Added a (default) option to scale grid icons based on how many apps are in the list to make the best use of the screen space.
  • Porting from GNOME Shell is complete, and most of the functionality is restored from the original version.
  • Migrated most of the styling to Cinnamon's CSS.
  • Todo:
    • Add keyboard support.
    • Clean up and organize existing localization files, and add new translations.

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Rik Shaw
Rik Shaw-2 days ago
@jaszhix agree with the other commenters you have done a nice job cleaning up gnomenu! We were contributing in the past some to gnomenu when working more with gnome, but have moved on. For example, we helped add the code that made the text width of the app extend wider than the icon width. In the past, if you had a 64px icon, you only had 64 px for the app name, and thus it was always "Firef..." instead of "Firefox Web Browser" even if you had only 3 columns and tons of space.

Anyway, I am mainly commenting to say that a variable width panel would be nice (along with the nice feature you have implemented to have a variable height). Of course, depending on the number of columns a user chooses and the icon size chosen, the minimum width will change.... but would be nice to choose 3 columns at 32px icons and thus have the menu significantly thinner.... again keep up the great work!

BTW why does Cinnamon give the warning about this applet potentially causing performance issues? Is there something that could be stripped out to remove that warning to not scare off people from using it?
Jason Hicks
Jason Hicks-18 hours ago
Cool! Yeah, one of the challenges is the widths are hard-coded for each column count layout, so I would need to calculate it differently to make variable widths work. I will definitely look into this for the next update. Thanks.

Cinnamon will use that warning of potential harm/performance loss for a few APIs. Its hard coded here -

I have brought up my dislike of that selectivity, because real danger is about how the APIs are used, not which APIs. This was added before we started monitoring applets more closely on Github, so maybe it can be done differently.
Tuxman2-3 days ago
@Jason Hicks: I translated the whole strings of the fr.po file in french. I need to check some strings because i'm not sure of the traduction. When it will be ready I could send you the file. Of course if you want.
Jason Hicks
Jason Hicks-18 hours ago
Translations are always welcome. :) You can open a pull request, pastebin it here, or open an issue and attach it. Thanks.
Liam Brown
Liam Brown-6 days ago
I added it to the panel and it worked fine, but after I moved it over and clicked it again it just opens a tiny grey box with nothing in it. Any advice?
Jason Hicks
Jason Hicks-4 days ago
Restart cinnamon: ALT+F2 -> enter "r". This shouldn't be happening though, which version of Cinnamon are you on?
Tuxman2-6 days ago
Log out from your user session and then log in again into your user session. Otherwise, restart the computer.
Tuxman2-1 week ago
Thanks for adding an option to adjust the menu height. ;-)

Could you add an other option for adjust the width of the menu ? Then we'll be able to adjust the size of the menu as we want (Full screen, half screen, ....) .

Do you think a transparence option will be possible ?

Thanks for your work.

Note: Can I help you for French translation ?
Michael Scott
Michael Scott-1 week ago
You're awesome man. Thanks
Michael Scott
Michael Scott-1 week ago
This is my favorite cinnamon menu that I use. Great job on the program. There is a bug in the new update that prevents the applet from being utilized in vertical panels.
Jason Hicks
Jason Hicks-1 week ago
Thanks, should be fixed in 3.0.1.
Daniel S. Filho
Daniel S. Filho-1 month ago
What is the Cinnamenu command?
I want to create a hot corner.
Jason Hicks
Jason Hicks-2 weeks ago
The option to activate the menu on hover was broken up until now, try enabling it in v3.
Ben Henry
Ben Henry-1 month ago
On a dual monitor setup, only seems to work on one monitor.
Jason Hicks
Jason Hicks-1 month ago
What would you expect multi-monitor behavior for a system menu to be?
Ben Henry
Ben Henry-1 month ago
Miguel Bustos
Miguel Bustos-1 month ago

I do love this menu I've just discovered :)

But there is a problem with the search bar. It does not find the app if I don't write it's full name from the beggining. Eg: no results when typing "Writer", only when searching "LibreOffice Writer". In default Cinnamon's menu the app can be found just searching for "Writer".

This is a huge problem in Spanish, as lots of applications do not start with their name. Eg: VLC is "reproductor multimedia VLC".
Jason Hicks
Jason Hicks-1 month ago
Thanks, I'll look into it.
Miguel Bustos
Miguel Bustos-1 month ago
Thanks to you for creating such a wonderful menu! I guess this must be a simple fix (kinda "%SEARCH QUERY%" instaead of "SEARCH QUERY" in SQL syntax) that would make Cinammenu much greater!
Tx Aggie
Tx Aggie-2 months ago
I have downloaded it and unzipped it. No idea what to do next.
Jason Hicks
Jason Hicks-2 weeks ago
Install through Cinnamon Settings -> Applets
Tx Aggie
Tx Aggie-2 months ago
Newbee here. How do you install it? Running Mint 17.3
Jason Hicks
Jason Hicks-2 months ago
This applet only works on Cinnamon 3.2+, or Mint 18.1+.
Hubert Ziebicki
Hubert Ziebicki-2 months ago

I have installed this applet and I am using Linux Mint 18.1 'Sarah' 64-bit Cinnamon with the "Mint-Y-Dark" theme... However, when I try to open the menu a little black vertical line appears instead. What's going on?

Jason Hicks
Jason Hicks-2 weeks ago
This issue should be resolved as of v3.0.0.
Hubert Ziebicki
Hubert Ziebicki-2 months ago
Never mind, I fixed it by restarting Cinnamon.
Claude Champagne
Claude Champagne-2 months ago
Great applet !

Keep it up.
Marcos Martín Pozo Delgado
Awesome applet! Last update is great, key navigation was necessary. However, some applications as Super Tux Kart and Sublime Text appear with a weird name and they are not searched ('<b><u>S</u></b>' instead 'S' for all letters). Fixint it would be very desirable.

In addition, an option to configure wdith and height of menu or a full screen check would be great in order to be able to have a menu similar to Gnome 3 applications menu.

Jason Hicks
Jason Hicks-2 weeks ago
Height adjustment has been added as of v3.0.0, and the markup being left over after searches should be fixed, too.
Tuxman2-2 months ago
About an option to configure width and height of menu or a full screen check, that's what I also asked Jason Hicks. This kind of option is pratical for people who have touchscreen or an Intel tablet on which a Linux distribution is installed (like Linux Mint).
alborzka-3 months ago
For some reason the search is a bit... odd. For example, typing in Mozilla brings nothing, but Firefox and Thunderbird bring their respective programs. Similarly, typing Wine brings nothing but Configure Wine brings it up.
Jason Hicks
Jason Hicks-3 months ago
To my knowledge, "Mozilla" isn't in Firefox's metadata, so it can't be found that way. I wasn't able to pull up Firefox this way in the default menu.
Tuxman2-3 months ago
I missed to tell you something in my last message. It's about of the favourites apps. Why you don't put icons like the default Cinnamon menu for the favourite apps to the left of the menu entires ? I think it is more pratical.
Tuxman2-3 months ago
@Jason Hicks: As the configurable-menu applet is no longer support with Cinnamon 3.4 and will no longer supported with the new version of Cinnamon, I will use your menu applet in replacement.
It's a shame you didn't add an option to resize or display the menu in full screen. I have a 2 in 1 device (pc/tablet). When I am in tablet mode, I activate the menu full screen and grid mode under the Configurable-menu applet, and it is very suitable for tablet mode. With your grid mode, your applet is suitable for touchscreen.

I tested your applet with Cinnamon 3.4. I enabled the option to have the recent files (in Cinnamon paramaters -> Confidentiality), but it doesn't appear in your menu. I also don't have the "Clear List" button for recent files . Is there a bug in your applet ?

Thanks for you work.
Jason Hicks
Jason Hicks-3 months ago
You will need to restart cinnamon for the change to come into effect, that needs to be fixed. I don't have a touch screen to test with, but if I do I will consider that.
Sam-3 months ago
I'm not sure if it's just me, but it looks like you can't navigate this menu using keyboard buttons?
If that's true, that's a deal-breaker for me..!
Jason Hicks
Jason Hicks-3 months ago
The next version is being worked on which has this, along with other missing features found in the default menu.
Richard Ayuyang
Richard Ayuyang-3 months ago
Simon Brown
Simon Brown-3 months ago
An extremely good applet menu. Very functional, fast, and smart looking after some minor configuration setup. Jason has done an excellent job on this.

gir1.2-gda-5.0 will need to be installed to let Firefox/Chrome bookmarks appear in the menu, which is a great facility and well worth turning on.

I found I had to adjust the configuration quite a bit to make it look spot on to my eyes, but it is easy to do. I don't like the scaling of icons to fit the available space as that produces giant icons for menu categories with few applications in, but it's easy enough to turn that off .

Will use more memory than the standard menu, but not so much as to cause a problem on a reasonably specced computer.
Jason Hicks
Jason Hicks-2 weeks ago
Thanks for the nice review. I think the memory issue is resolved now as of v3.0.0.
Tuxman2-5 months ago
Well, I tested your applet. The icons of the applications don't resize correctly in grid mode (when we change the size of icons). Some times, the configure option freezes (right click on the menu -> configure).

I have some suggestions :

- Have the favorites icons (like cinnamon menu) on the left of the menu, but enable the user to display it or not.
- Have an option to display the menu in full screen.
- Have an option to define the size of the menu.

Otherwise, it is a good applet. ;-)
Jason Hicks
Jason Hicks-4 months ago
I likely won't be adding any size option, or full screen option because it will incur technical debt I don't feel like maintaining, but pull requests are always welcome. I think the favorites in their own column is possible at some point, but there are several other menus you can use if you need this.
Jason Hicks
Jason Hicks-4 months ago
I think you won't be seeing highly configurable applets shipped with Cinnamon because the stock applets are more about sane defaults. That's where Spices fill the gap. I used to use the configurable menu applet - I took a look at its code a while ago and it seemed like it would be hard to maintain in its current state.
Tuxman2-4 months ago
@Jason Hicks: Ok. For now, I'm using configurable-menu applet with Cinnamon 3.2. For me, configurable-menu is the best menu applet that I have ever seen. It offers a lot of menu layouts that are adapted for all kind of hardware (desktop, portable, tablet, ...). I think Linux Mint should be inspired by this type of applet to create a more modern, multiple and configurable menu. Unfortunately, the author of that applet no longer wants to do the support of that one on the Cinnamon desktop in the future. It's a shame. But the sources are available and can be adapted to the Cinnamon desktop by an other developer.
Basil K Y
Basil K Y-5 months ago
I think new menu based on gnomenu is there on 18.2 roadmap.
Looks awesome. Far better than default menu.