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Click on the applet to turn off monitor



Turn Off

Turn Off Monitor applet for Cinnamon Desktop


  • Download from the Spices Web Site
  • Unzip and extract folder turn-off-monitor@zablotski to ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/
  • Enable the applet in System Settings -> Applets

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claudiux-1 week ago
The version 2.0.0 of Turn Off Monitor is here. Now this applet is configurable. You can now: - Set the duration of deactivation of the mouse. To prevent the monitor from turning on too soon after turning it off, the mouse will be disabled for the number of seconds you have set (5 seconds by default). - Use a symbolic icon and choose its color. - Use a keyboard shortcut to turn off your monitor (<Super>b by default). Enjoy it!
Nitrooo-1 week ago
Yet another great full-optional applet as usual from claudiux. You're spoiling us!
Lucie235-2 weeks ago
Sorry, now I understood: double-click does it!
Lucie235-2 weeks ago
Linux Mint 18.3 cinnamon monitor is only turned off for 1 second, then turns on again without any user-action and without any message
Yauheni Zablotski
New version shipped: 1. Icon changed to smaller one 2. After click mouse inactive for 1 sec to prevent display(s) wake up
Marius Ileana
Marius Ileana-1 year ago
This is just great. I love it. A smaller icon is indeed useful.
w4r0-1 year ago
I second @2dxb comment, please make a smaller icon. Other than that, I love this applet.
2dxb-1 year ago
Why icon so big? do a little less