Turn Off Monitor

UUID: turn-off-monitor@zablotski
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9 months ago 2018-10-03, 21:19 UTC
Last commit: [b93d11b5] turn-off-monitor@zablotski: Disable mouse for one second after applet (#1988)

Click on the applet to turn off monitor



Turn Off

Turn Off Monitor applet for Cinnamon Desktop


  • Download from the Spices Web Site
  • Unzip and extract folder turn-off-monitor@zablotski to ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/
  • Enable the applet in System Settings -> Applets

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Yauheni Zablotski
Yauheni Zablotski-9 months ago
New version shipped: 1. Icon changed to smaller one 2. After click mouse inactive for 1 sec to prevent display(s) wake up
Marius Ileana
Marius Ileana-10 months ago
This is just great. I love it. A smaller icon is indeed useful.
w4r0-1 year ago
I second @2dxb comment, please make a smaller icon. Other than that, I love this applet.
2dxb-1 year ago
Why icon so big? do a little less