Brightness and gamma applet

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Sets brightness and gamma levels of a screen

Brightness and gamma applet

An applet that sets brightness and gamma levels of a screen for Linux Mint Cinnamon


  • Set brightness of the screen
  • Set gamma of the screen
  • Customizable:
    • Customize an icon shown in a panel
    • Show: all values, brightness or gamma
    • Set: minimum and maximum value thresholds


  1. Extract .zip archive to ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets
  2. Enable the applet in Cinnammon settings


To specify a screen and an output:

  1. Right click on the applet
  2. From "Screen" submenu click on a screen
  3. From "Output" submenu click on an output

Source code

Browse the source of the applet in the original repository.

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