Brightness and gamma applet

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Sets brightness and gamma levels of a screen



Brightness and gamma applet

An applet that sets brightness and gamma levels of a screen for Linux Mint Cinnamon


  • Set brightness of the screen
  • Set gamma of the screen
  • Customizable:
    • Customize an icon shown in a panel
    • Show: all values, brightness or gamma
    • Set: minimum and maximum value thresholds


  1. Extract .zip archive to ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets
  2. Enable the applet in Cinnammon settings


To specify a screen and outputs:

  1. Right click on the applet
  2. From "Screen" submenu click on a screen
  3. From "Outputs" submenu click on an output

Source code

Browse the source of the applet in the original repository.

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huynk-dev-2 months ago
Perfect for me, thanks!
woodmix-2 months ago
good work
Vladimir-6 months ago
Realy simple and effective tool, works with two monitors
Dragoş-7 months ago
Tried to improve this applet. Still a work in progress. Hopefully the author/maintainer would fancy the ideas. There is a newer version but waiting for feedback on a SVG issue: Here is my humble contribution:
amiben-1 year ago
This applet is wonderful. Please consider adding the ability to adjust the temperature and humidity outside. ;/
ben2talk-1 year ago
I'm curious why this applet works the way it does... I also installed QRedshift - which enables me to switch the setting (i.e. dim the screen) with a keyboard shortcut, also right click to restore the 'default' (transparent) daytime setting. So what does this applet offer?
Phil995511-1 year ago
Excellent applet, works perfectly, thank you for this software.
Marko-2 years ago
Excellent. Why not add gamma setting? This should be integrated into the Linux Mint because it is 21st century.
wizzwizz2-2 years ago
This works perfectly, and is simple to use. Thank you!
Jocix-3 years ago
Excellent applet. Tnx! :)
peter urquidez
peter urquidez-3 years ago
i changed the settings and now don't know how to reset them to default.
Ryan Parmeter
Ryan Parmeter-3 years ago
Is it intended that this only operates on one monitor at a time? I have to switch back and fourth between outputs to adjust each screen. My feature request would be to add a "lock" option where all outputs are synced. Thanks for the applet cardsurf!
Erick Setha
Erick Setha-4 years ago
Thank you very much. However, upon using it for a 24 hour long, the LCD monitor screen would slowly be brighten back to 100 percent. I would need to keep changing it back to 60 percent every hour or so. If I play Starcraft 2 on PlayonLinux, the brightness would bounce back from 60 percent to 100 percent right away. LM18.2 Cinnamon with Linux 4.8.0-53-generic. GeForce GTX 750 Ti/PCIe/SSE2 NVIDIA 375.66
Nokia808-4 years ago
Thank you very much for this very nice applet !! But why lower limit is just at 30 ?? Can you please make it 20 ? Best
J Kesler
J Kesler-4 years ago
Exactly what I wanted. Thanks cardsurf for a perfectly simple applet. For months I have been using xrandr from the command line to adjust my external monitor's brightness. This is so much nicer.